3 Footwear That Goes with Abaya

Choosing a pair of shoes with our abaya is sometimes tough, as we wish to opt for something comfortable, stylish, and convenient in every way possible.  It is even harder when you are dressing for a special event. Wearing abaya is pretty easy daily, as you can simply wear them with your most comfortable sneakers for a casual day out. However, you should be choosing the pair of shoes according to the occasion and where you are headed. Let’s say, for a wedding, you can go for high heels, while for a long day at work, you might want something comfortable. Be sure about what sort of look you want. If your abaya has embroidery and heavy embellishment, choose something simple like nude heels.

Having quality shoes in good quantity for every event individually can be tricky, and also not budget-friendly. We have put together some ideas that can help you on every occasion. This footwear goes with every abaya and for every look.  Scroll down to check them

1. Nude Pump Heels

Abaya-wearing girls should have a pair of nude heels, as they complement every abaya. And Pump heels are perfect when your abaya has a flared hem. They save your abaya from getting spoilt because they have a lifted curve. They look stunning. There is a variety of pump heels available that you can choose from, from studded and embellished to plain ones. Based on your abaya, if your abaya is heavy and has lace embellishment you should opt for plain heels, to get a subtle look. There is a vast variety of pretty nude pumps available and you can get them by using the Shopee voucher code.

2. Sneakers

Your abaya can complement a casual look when you know how. Breaking the ages-old stereotype, sneakers have made it far. They use to be worn with jeans and a shirt only and were just mere footwear. With time they climbed the ladder and appeared as more versatile shoes and started being paired with other dresses too. And, now, they are trending forever and don’t seem to be going away. To your surprise, sneakers have made their mark in modest fashion essential as well, and they look chic with the abaya, as compared to other footwear. Try a pair of your favorite sneakers with an abaya and look super cool and believe it, people are going to gaze at you in admiration.

3. Ankle Strap pumps

We all have that one scarf that looks good with almost all our outfits. It matches with every outfit and always looks amazing. We never have to give a second thought when choosing it. That’s how ankle strap pumps are! They look amazing with abaya and also they are super comfortable. While walking they give you the utmost support and ease. They are sometimes flat and sometimes high-heeled- you can always pick them depending on your abaya. In case your abaya has flowy hem, then you should choose these pumps with heels, if it is just a straight fit abaya, opt the flat ones.


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