3 Reasons to Invest in Infrastructure in the Philippines

As the incoming president, Duterte has promised to do, he’s looking to the Private sector to participate in infrastructure projects in the Philippines. This article explores the opportunities and challenges of this sector, and the country’s global competitiveness. Perea’s experience typifies the problems facing the Philippines’ infrastructure sector. But there are also several positive developments that should be noted. First of all, the incoming president is the son of a former dictator.

Private sector involvement in infrastructure projects in the Philippines

Philippine governments are actively encouraging private sector participation in public projects. The government has passed laws to ease regulations and reduce red tape, and has also widened the scope of projects eligible for BOT. Environmental projects, such as collection equipment, solid waste management facilities, landfills, and tidal barriers, are among the projects that have become the focus of private sector participation. In addition, a strong commitment to openness and accountability of regulatory agencies are also important factors in enabling private sector participation in public projects.

Infrastructure Philippines development is constrained by a chronic shortage of finance. Despite having high levels of access to electricity, water, and sanitation, service levels have not kept pace with population growth. Several factors, such as poor business conditions, limited financial resources, and a lack of private sector participation, limit infrastructure development. However, a road map and increased private sector involvement will move the country into a virtuous cycle of growth and development.


The Philippines has a favorable business climate for the development of infrastructure. By enhancing transportation and internet services, infrastructure investment can improve the lives of ordinary citizens. It will cut costs and attract private investment while enhancing productivity. These are just a few of the benefits of infrastructure investments in the country. The next few articles will provide an overview of some of the challenges facing the infrastructure sector in the Philippines. Hopefully, you will find these useful and insightful.

Poor infrastructure is one of the country’s biggest challenges, second only to corruption. Poor infrastructure is a major factor in weakening the economy and reducing the chances of achieving the development goals of the country. The Philippines’ overall development outcomes have fallen short of the country’s potential mainly because of weak public institutions. The public’s lack of trust in government has resulted in low public service quality. As a result, the citizens are unwilling to invest adequate resources in government programs and infrastructure. Reversing this vicious cycle is a key development challenge. Increased revenue translates into improved service delivery and a stronger public trust in the government. Thus, infrastructure development is essential to the country’s development.


There are several advantages of investing in infrastructure projects in the Philippines. For starters, these projects are good for the economy. Improved transportation and internet services will help farmers sell their produce, thus raising their income. Additionally, improved infrastructure will help businesses run more efficiently, lower costs and boost productivity. Listed below are three reasons to invest in infrastructure in the Philippines. This article highlights three of the most compelling reasons why you should invest in infrastructure in the Philippines.

In order for the Philippines to achieve its development goals, it needs to gradually increase infrastructure investments and spend more efficiently. This can only be achieved through a comprehensive fiscal reform program and continued reforms in key sectors. Public spending and public service management reforms should focus on improving cost recovery, enhancing competition, and reducing corruption. Focused investments in infrastructure can address key bottlenecks and improve service delivery in a short period of time.

Global competitiveness of the sector

The Asia Foundation’s flagship project, Coalitions for Change, is aimed at improving the infrastructure sector outside of the major cities. Established in 1954, the organization’s early programs were focused on improving education in Asia. These programs include improving infrastructure in rural areas and helping promote more inclusive societies. The organization’s recent investments include supporting the Philippines’ signing of the ASEAN Multilateral Agreement on Air Services (MAAS) Protocols 5 and 6.

The Philippines has climbed a spot in the latest Global Competitiveness Index, moving up ten places from last year’s ranking and a further 20 places from two years ago. The country is now one of only two countries in the world to increase by 20 spots. It has passed its regional neighbors Vietnam and Indonesia, but it still lags behind them. The Philippines’ overall economic performance remains weak, with a global competitiveness score of 92 out of 140.


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