3 Top-Notch Printing Techniques Ideal for Customized Packaging That Will Make the Best Boxes

There was a time when people used to write so much with bare hands. There were no printing presses and people wrote all the copies of any book by hand. However, with the advancement in technology, the trend of printing brought much ease for the people. Now, people do not have to write every word they want to communicate. You must have seen multiple printing types in your life. There is printing done on the pamphlets, then there is a printing done on the cardboard boxes, and then there is a printing done for the books. It is quite interesting to explore the various types of printing. Here, the 3 Top-notch Printing techniques ideal for Customized Packaging will be discussed that will provide you with ample information to share your knowledge with others. 

Why Printing?

Today there is no one brand that is selling its products to the customers. Many brands sell the same products from which the customers have to make a selection. Therefore, every brand has to make a unique identity of its own that will attract customers and create a distinct mark in their lives. In this procedure, printing plays an important role that will help create an identity of the brand. The printing will help the brands to write their names on the packaging, create their logos, etc. Hence, printing has played a very significant role in the present world. Every day, we come across millions of printed words that form our thoughts.

The following are the 3 Top-notch Printing techniques ideal for Customized Packaging.

1.      Lithography

Lithography is a very famous and easy method of printing. In this method, one has to use a plate is used on which the printed material is written, and then some chemicals and acids are applied to that plate. The plate consists of two distinct parts. One part is that which is water-repellent, while the other part is that which is water-friendly. In this way, the mixture of ink and oil or water stays on some parts of the plate and washes away from other parts where the printed material is present. The plate is then pressed on the sheet of paper, and the result is a smooth texture that will be very clear. It involves the use of grease and water and is also called planographic printing.

The packaging companies can use this technique to design durable custom made Canadian boxes as they can vary the print design according to their desires and requirements. In addition to making the boxes, one can also use it to make business cards, stickers, and other such materials. Investment in making the printing plates is a huge but one-time investment. Once you make these plates, you can use these again and again. Moreover, this printing is also very neat, and the printed images look very clear and amazing. 

2.      Digital Printing

This is a recent type of printing that is more modern and uses the latest techniques of printing. Unlike lithography, this technique does not require printing plates on which you have to engrave the printed material. In fact, in this type, as the name shows, you can copy the image digitally at the price of paper. The image that you have to print and put on the paper is usually saved in the form of a pdf document that is later printed on the paper. There is a variety of digital printing inks available that help fill colours in the image. Hence, this proves that digital printing is always colourful and lively. Hence, one can use it to make amazing durable custom made boxes. 

One can easily meet the customization demands of the boxes through the help of digital printing. One can use this printer for those boxes that need to be very colourful. This technique provides great opportunities for the box makers to bring in new ideas so that the boxes can be full of colours and ideas. This printing provides more space for personalization through which one can modify the printing design according to the needs of the products. Moreover, the quality of this type of printing is also very good as it provides finer finishing and the best quality results.

3.      Silk-screen Printing

It is one of the oldest forms of printing that makes use of stencils to imprint the colour on the screen. One can use this technique of printing for making flex, printing on the corrugated boxes, etc. This technique makes use of various sheets of silks on which one can apply different colours. The procedure is that each sheet has a particular colour and when all the sheets are placed on the paper on which the material is to be printed, then the parts that are to be coloured in a specific colour, are then rubbed to make the colour appear on the paper. 

This technique can prove to be very useful for the corrugated boxes as it can be very good for the surfaces that are not completely flat. Moreover, you can also use it to print on mugs and T-shirts. These days, custom-made mugs and shirts are very common on which people can print their pictures or the pictures of their favourite cartoon character. Moreover, they can also print out their names only. Moreover, the option of durable custom made boxes is also a good one.


Hence, all the above-mentioned 3 Top-notch Printing techniques ideal for Customized Packaging can be used for printing on the boxes. The material of the box may be of any type. It can be cardboard, corrugated paper, or any other type of material. Moreover, the colours may also be of any type that you find suitable. Another interesting point is that one can use these three types of printing on any material other than paper as well. One can print on cloth, mugs, etc. The results will be according to your demands and requirements. Today, these printing techniques will help provide various types of packaging services for the customers. The results will be very pleasing and colourful as printing will add colours to everything. 


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