4 Key Benefits of Dynamicard’s plastic postcard mailers for Franchises

No matter if you have one franchise or have a network of them, marketing for your specific kind of business is complicated. Franchises face unique challenges when launching an advertising campaign that other businesses do not have and finding out how to get the most from the marketing budget can be overwhelming.

Newspaper ads, television ads or e-mail blasts are all of these common advertising channels that fail in several important ways. Direct mail campaigns built around plastic postcard mailers designed for franchises is a great way to avoid the problems associated with other forms of advertising, and Dynamicard is uniquely placed to help franchises realize the potential of these options. There are four advantages of using Dynamicard to run your direct mailer campaign.

Long Track-Record

As one of the first plastic postcard mailers companies, Dynamicard has a significant record of producing high-quality plastic postcards for franchises. Our customers are directly benefited by the experience.

In-House Design Capabilities

As a franchisee you’re already juggling enough to handle already and the one thing you don’t want to think about is the look and feel of your business mailing envelope. At Dynamicard we have a highly skilled group of designers working within the company, and able to create an agency-quality design in just a few hours. Additionally the designers at Dynamicard use plastic postcards and are able to achieve the most effective results from this design.

Personalized Service with Rapid Turnaround

If you’re creating a direct-mail marketing program months in advance, or suddenly realize that you’ll need to send your mailer out this month, Dynamicard is able to help you navigate the process. Your adviser will help you design your strategy for determining the right postcard with a pop-out gift card. They will also be able to assist your logistics when you’re looking to get the product in the shortest time possible.

Full-Scale Data Analytics Capabilities

Knowing how successful your direct mail campaign performed is essential to improve your mailing list and offering for the following time increasing your rate of success and constantly bringing new customers to your business. Dynamicard’s proprietary analytics tools can aid you in getting at the root of why potential customers are actually becoming customers and the reasons.


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