4 Recommended tips by Doctors you Should Follow in 2022

After the past few years of the pandemic, health has been a number one priority for a lot of us. And with the start of the new year doctors all over the world are advising to focus more on health and lessening of bad habits. It is very well known to everyone that there is no one in charge of your health but you. So it is important to step into 2022 with the best tips given by the doctors.

The best doctors of the top hospitals in Faisalabad, with the surge of different diseases, it is important to make your body strong internally and externally. With our sedentary lifestyles, it is very much needed to make improvements that can help improve mental and physical health. Here are some of the recommended tips to follow that are given by experts.

  • Increase your Physical Activity

Physical activity is something that needs strength that can be gained only with time. It is not possible for you to wake up one day and start physical activity all of a sudden. Set your goals properly. Make your target first to at least walk 5000 steps a day. You can further increase the steps and take up to 10,000 steps.

It is very important that you make sure that you are not sitting all the time. If your requires you to sit for longer periods of time then make sure that you take small breaks after every 30 minutes and you walk for a while. Choose an activity that makes you feel okay besides walking as well. Ou can opt for swimming, dancing, running, or even riding a bike.

  • Cut down your Sugar Intake

A new year gift that you can give to yourself this new year is the cutting down of sugar. Try and avoid foods that have added sugar. You might be thinking that there is not much sugar consumed by you on a daily basis. But, it is the exact opposite. You consume a lot more than you think. By cutting down on sugar you can do a lot for your body.

At the start, you might feel withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, mental fog, and a lot of mood swings. You can save yourself from heart disease, cavities in the teeth and can maintain a healthy weight by cutting down the sugar content. Do consume sugar but take it from natural sources like fruits and some vegetables. But avoid fizzy drinks, candies, chocolates, and other colas at all costs.

  • Limit Your Screen Time

One of the biggest issues that have been tied to a number of diseases is the usage of smartphones and other devices. These are impacting the eyesight and the mental health of people drastically. Different doctors suggest making sure that there is one time in a day when you dont use your phone. Have a meal with the family, as the increased usage can cause a lot of loneliness.

Do indulge yourself in other activities that can help you limit your screentime. These can include, reading a book, solving a puzzle, or playing board games with family and friends.

  • Stop Smoking

A very cliche resolution that everyone makes every year is that they’ll quit smoking. However, a lot of people fail in following this. The side effects if seen can be really deadly. This not only makes the lungs weak but also affects the heart pretty badly. Do not go cold turkey at once, if you want to quit.

Try other stuff instead of a cigarette. By other substances, it doesn’t mean you indulge yourself in consuming the lesser nicotine stuff. Do not go near your lighter and the box of cigarettes. And avoid sitting with people who consume cigarettes. If you have diseases like asthma and other breathing issues it is the best time to stop smoking. With that try and limit the use of alcohol as well.

Final Word

With a new year, it is very important to make sure that your health stays in place. With the surge of new variants with each passing day. It is essential to be kind to your body, above mentioned habits must be opted in order to make a difference.  


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