5 Creative Birthday Gifts to Wow Your Friends and Family 

In a perfect world, we’d always get to celebrate birthdays with our friends and families but we all know that’s not always possible. When you simply can’t get away to be with your people on their birthday, why not send a virtual gift instead? 

You can find so many cool and unique virtual gifts to wow your friends with. From birthday messages from celebrities to DNA tests that allow them to unlock their family history, surprise your friends and family with any of these virtual birthday gift ideas.

  1. MyHeritage 

Help your friends discover their own family history with this unique gift idea. MyHeritage is a way to grow your family and unlock the secrets of your family’s past. With this simple DNA test, you can discover new relatives, reveal your ethnic background and see where your family history will take you!

Another great gift idea from MyHeritage is their unique Deep NostalgiaTM app. With this AI driven tech, you can animate your old family photos and see them come to life! Give your friends and family this viral gift that’s taken the internet by storm. 

The best part? You can unlock major savings on your first MyHeritage purchase by shopping with a free coupon code. Just head to the coupon BravoDeal for hand-verified coupons that are all completely free to use: https://www.bravodeal.com/coupon-code-my-heritage-us.html

  1. A virtual wine tasting

Yes, you can enjoy a wine tasting event, even at home! If you’ve got a friend or family member that fancies themselves an ammature sommilier, gift them an online wine tasting experience. 

Many wineries will now ship you a custom wine tasting kit that offers samples of all their best wines. Simply choose a participating winery that suits your taste and budget. Most even offer free food pairing advice! 

  1. Adopt a panda

The WWF allows you to symbolically adopt an animal like a panda, kangaroo or dolphin with all the proceeds from the adoption fee going to help save endangered species around the globe. After you’ve chosen the animal in honor of your friend and paid the adoption fee, your friend will receive a pretty cool stuffed plush of your chosen animal. 

Remember, giving to charity not only helps the recipient but it helps you, too. Studies have shown that giving to charity actually makes us happier and heathier.

  1. Book of the month club 

If your friend is a book nerd, why not give them a subscription to a book club? For as little as $10 a month, you can sign up your friend for a book club membership that will send them a new book based on their interests each month. Some clubs even offer you the choice between 4 – 5 books allowing you to choose the one you think your friend will like best. 

  1. A birthday greeting from their favorite celebrity 

Is your friend crushing on any celebrities? Send them a special birthday greeting recorded by their favorite star! Depending on the celebrity you choose, some of the greetings can get a little pricey, but seeing the reaction of your friend will be priceless!

  1. A beauty box subscription

If you have a friend that can’t get enough makeup, try a beauty box subscription. There are so many out there these days you can find one that will perfectly match her preferences. From makeup to hair accessories and even a custom perfume subscription, wow your friend with a monthly box filled with beauty goodies she is sure to love! 

They even have beauty box options for men like beard grooming supplies, men’s cologne or men’s selfcare subscriptions! 


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