6 Steps to Properly Caring for Your Toupee

While wearing a toupee allows you to spend less time washing and styling your hair, it still needs some upkeep to stay in top condition.

Your top-quality toupee from New Times Hair has you looking and feeling fabulous. The fit and modern styles of today’s toupees make life easier and can provide plenty of added confidence. 

Even better news, these toupees are also simple to care for, so you can maintain your stylish look for years to come. 

Here is what you need to know about caring for your toupee.


Your toupee needs cleaning from time to time, just like any other hair. 

Toupees don’t need to be washed frequently, which is a benefit. 

Most likely, you’re unsure of how often to shampoo your toupee. 

Toupees should generally be washed every 7 to 10 days, though there can be some variation.

Many factors determine how often your toupee needs to be cleaned. The first factor is how much you sweat. Suppose you spend considerable time exercising or out in warmer weather. In that case, you should expect the sweat and oils from your scalp to accumulate more quickly than usual.

Remember that just because you spend all your time indoors or refrain from exercising doesn’t mean you never have to wash your toupee. 

Your toupee will nonetheless become covered with scalp oils. 

Your toupee might also be significantly impacted by outside circumstances. 

Smoke from cigarettes, pipes, or fires, as well as other environmental toxins like pollution, might adhere to your toupee.


Make sure you use the appropriate maintenance items when shampooing your toupee. 

Both synthetic and human hair can be used with hair care products for wigs and toupees. 

Check the label and buy the appropriate brand for your toupee. 

Contact our friendly staff at Joseph’s Wigs if you’re unsure, and we’ll be pleased to help you select the right supplies to take care of your toupee.

It’s a common misconception that ordinary shampoos are ideal for human hair extensions. That is incorrect. 

You are washing the cap that serves as the base for your toupee in addition to the hair itself. 

That is one of the reasons it is crucial to use shampoo explicitly designed for wigs and toupees. 

Since the hair in your toupee won’t grow back, taking gentle care of it is essential if you want it to look great for many years.

Start by giving your toupee a thorough rinse in cool, clean water. 

Apply the wig shampoo cautiously, then rub it gently through the cap and hair. 

Clear your toupee with water. Steer clear of pulling or wringing the toupee out.


Apply conditioner to your toupee to protect it after rinsing the shampoo out. 

Use a conditioner that is made for the type of toupee you have. 

The conditioner aids in preserving the appearance of hair so that it doesn’t fade or begin to seem worn out.


Your toupee’s tendency to accumulate static electricity can be decreased using a leave-in conditioner or fiber oil. 

In addition, it assists in shielding hair from pollution. 

A leave-in treatment is especially crucial for toupees comprised of synthetic hair. 

The likelihood of static electricity attraction is higher with those synthetic fibers.


It’s crucial to place your toupee on a wig stand so it can dry after cleaning. 

Put the toupee on the stand and carefully shape the hairs in your chosen direction. 

Do not brush or comb through damp hair. 

Put the toupee on the stand to dry after giving the hair a quick fingerstyle. 

The toupee is held in the proper shape by the open framework of a wig stand, which also allows for good airflow from above and below to speed up drying time.


Certain toupees are pre-styled. They look lovely when styled in your typical manner after gently molded into the proper form while wet. 

If your toupee is made of human hair or synthetic hair that can be heated, you can, if preferred, use heat styling equipment to modify your style after the toupee has completely dried.

Investing in a second toupee is one solution if you’re concerned about taking an occasional overnight break from wearing your toupee to wash and dry it. 

This could make it possible for you to quickly swap to a different toupee while one is drying. 

You might also wash your toupee in the evening to give it time to dry overnight.


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