Atur Mehta Biography | Aatur Harshad Mehta, Son of The Big Bull

Atur Mehta aka Aatur Harshad Mehta is an Indian Investor and Trader as of the latest reports, who is famous for being the son of The Big Bull or Amitabh Bachchan of the Indian Stock Market, Harshad Mehta.

Atur Mehta

The picture above is rumored to be Harshad’s son but he is not. He is not related to Mehta in any way. He is an Indian Engineer, Entrepreneur, Adventure Traveller, and the CTO & Co-Founder of Square Off. As recently he tweeted about this after getting loads of messages about these rumors.

Atur Mehta Tweet
Atur Mehta’s Tweet

Atur Mehta Biography

Atur Harshad Mehta is currently working as an investor and trader who according to the Business Standard Source is in a deal to buy 23% in a BSE-listed company.

According to a company’s source, Atur made a deal of selling 1.4 Million Dollars of shares to Mehta and Sanalkumar Kizhepata Menon. He’s also a promoter of a textile company and his name came into the headlines after he purchased 1.4 Million Dollars shares along with his partners.

He was born in 1979 in Delhi, India, and grew up there. Atur Harshad Mehta’s age is 42 years as of 2021. He was 22 years old when Harshad Mehta died due to a sudden heart attack in Thane Civil Hospital.

Atur stay off-camera after his father’s death and the last picture of him was taken at his father’s funeral.

Atur Mehta Picture
Atur Harshad Mehta Picture at his father’s funeral
Real NameAtur Harshad Mehta
Other namesAatur Mehta
Date of Birth1979
Age (in 2021)42 years
Born inDelhi, India
ProfessionInvestor and Trader
HomelandPaneli Moti, Rajkot District, Gujarat
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian



Father NameHarshad Mehta
Harshad Mehta biography
Mother NameJyoti Mehta
Atur Mehta mother

Who is Harshad Mehta?

Harshad Mehta was an Indian Stockbroker, who is known for the 1992 Stock Market Scam of over 4000 crore rupees Indian Rupees but some financial experts believe that Harshad didn’t do any fraud, he just found loopholes in the system.

After graduation, Mehta did several different jobs like sold hosiery, cement contractor, sorted diamonds, insurance clerk, etc for almost 8 years.

While working as an insurance clerk in the Bombay office of New India Assurance Company Limited, Harshad started taking interest in the stock market which led him to quit this job and he started working as a Jobber for a stockbroker, Prasann Pranjivandas, in the stock market.

After working as a Jobber to a stockbroker, Prasann Pranjivandas, Harshad eventually became a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1984 and made his own stock brokerage firm known as “GrowMore Research and Asset Management”.

Mehta’s way of doing stock market business was straightforward, he would take a huge amount of money from government security markets for a short time without anyone noticing it and invest it in his already selected securities.

His invested amount was so enormous that the share would rise greatly but falls back down after he sold those shares.

These rises forced people to invest in that security, which causes more rise, in this way Harshad secretly liquidate his shares and pay off the money he took from the markets and banks.
He took advantage of these loopholes in the system and increased the index of the Bombay Stock Exchange from 1000 to 4500.

Bottom Line

As of 2021, There is no more news about Atur’s whereabout. He stayed out of the limelight after his father’s death.


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