Best Fashion Social Media Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for connecting with family and friends and learning about other people around the globe! Every day, millions of active users make this a great place to grow your popularity and make connections while expressing your passions, whether food, travel or your family!

In addition to the platform’s influencers, it is a popular place for companies to promote their products. For every sponsored post they make, they can make a lot of money! Looking for Instagram influencers and tips on how to become one? Continue reading!

Lyna Perez

She completed her graduation and decided to move forward in her life to become a model. Lyna Perez is originally from Miami. Eventually, she became famous as a model. Model Lyna Perez is considered one of the most acclaimed in the industry, and it’s no wonder her shoots are getting praise from her fans.

Perez has more than 7.4 million followers on Instagram, 1621 on TikTok, and 32,082 on Facebook.

Huda Kattan

The most famous beauty blogger in the world is Huda Kattan, just like many Instagram influencers. Instagram is a popular platform for influencers and bloggers to share short videos and photos of their makeup or other content to reach a wider audience.

 As well as showing off makeup trends and creating her own, Huda is known for her reviews and makeup tutorials. In addition to having her makeup line, she also earns money through sponsorships and her business. It’s easy to see why she’s one of the best and top influencers in the beauty industry, with 23.8 million followers and thousands of posts with millions of likes combined.

Liza Kovalenko

Instagram is a popular platform for Liza Kovalenko. The number of followers she has is 762 thousand. You can follow her on Twitter @lizakovalenkoo and Facebook @lizakovalenkoo.Her second account is on Instagram. In her bio, she says so. Over 24.4 million people follow @lizunkovalenko. In 2012, the account was created.

According to her Instagram bio, that’s also what we learned. Approximately 14.1 million of her Likes come from Onlyfans. Here is Liza’s Instagram feeds, which demonstrate her love of art.

Michelle Lewin

In today’s world, fitness is a very popular niche. The motivation and tips to stay fit and healthy are essential for everyone. Michelle Lewin is an example of a fitness influencer. 

Originally from Venezuela, she’s now based in South Florida and is a big star in the fitness industry. 

Every day, her following grows by 20,000 across all her social media channels! You’ll find a variety of products, workouts, and tips on how you can get fit on her website and social media accounts.

Nash Grier

His interesting and viral videos made Nash Grier one of the most popular Internet personalities. As a high school freshman, Cameron Dallas and I started using Vine in 2013! His Instagram followers number over ten million, and he remains a YouTuber and influencer. Mobli, Challenge, and Cash Dash are some of the mobile games and apps he has released today. Furthermore, he has his merchandise website and has designed part of an Aeropostale clothing line. He continues to be an influencer and entertainer with live tours around New Zealand and Australia.

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