5 Best Ways to Convert an Image with Handwriting to Text

If you want to convert an image having handwritten text on it to digital text format then you have landed in the right place. In this post we are going to tell you about the five most effective ways using which you can easily convert image to text. You can use the below discussed methods not only to convert one text scanner from image rather you can convert a complete batch of images having loads of text on them into a digital format. After reading this post you could easily extract text from image.

Five easy ways to convert image to text 

Out of dozens of effective ways we have gathered information about the best ones in this post. 

Convert image to text manually 

If you have images of your very own handwritten notes then the best way to convert them to digital text format is by manually typing down on a blank word file. It would be easier for you to type text from the image as you would be familiar with its contents. If you have good typing speed and practice then you can convert an image to digital text format within less than an hour. But if you have images that have loads of text on them which you don’t understand then you need to look for other options.

Use OCR feature on Windows

If you have an image having a lot of text on it that you want to convert digitally then the first option you have is to use the OCR option built in your windows device. First you have to make sure that you scan the image and save it on the local storage of your pc. Once the image is saved on your device you simply food distribution need to open it with the default photo app on your pc. When the image opens on your screen you would see multiple editing options. From the settings options you have to click on the ‘Convert image to text’ option and wait for the conversion. In less than seconds the default OCR feature would get you text in an editable format.

Use MS OneNote

A very easy option to convert text scanner from image is by using One Note. It is one of the popular utilities offered in the MS Suite. In OneNote you are going to find the text scanner from image option. You can use this option to convert image to text without any hassle. OneNote uses AI and OCR for extracting text from images which makes its results quite accurate. 

Use image to text converter online tool

If you want quick, accurate and speedy conversion then you need to use the text scanner from image converter online free tool. You can find dozens of image to text converter online tools on the web these days. All you have to do is open the photo to text converter online on your browser. Use the upload options and enter the image having handwritten text on it in the input box of the tool. After entering the image you simply have to click on the ‘convert image to text’ button. In less than seconds you would get all the text in the output box. You can copy it on your clipboard or you can also download it in word format.

Use OCR mobile apps

The easiest way to convert text scanner from image today is by simply using your mobile. You can install the OCR app on your mobile. Take images of text that you want to save in the digital format and upload the image in the app. After providing the image input all you have to do is select the output format and start the conversion. You can get text in a blink of an eye!


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