Create a Jar Candle Boxes for Your Business

A jar candle box is perfect for smaller businesses who want to create a unique and personalized atmosphere. They’re also an excellent way to increase foot traffic and create a more personal customer experience. Plus, kraft candle boxes are super easy to set up and can be customized to match your business’ branding.

What You Need:

– jars with lids (preferably small, around 3 oz.)

– wax melts (unscented or lightly scented if desired)

– votives or other candle holders

– iron or heat gun

– paper towel or scrapbooking ribbon

– wire mesh screen (optional)

Step 1: Choose the type of jar you would like to use. Options include small glass jars with plastic lids, medium glass jars with metal lids, or large Mason jars with ceramic lids. If using small glass jars with plastic lids, make sure they are food safe. If using medium or large Mason jars with ceramic lids, be sure they are oven safe and have a tight fitting lid. Note: If using small glass jars, make sure the wax melts fit entirely inside the jar! Step 2: Choose the type of wax melt you would like to use by west bay packaging. Options

Materials You Will Need

To make a jar candle box, you will need the following supplies:

– Jar that is at least 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall by 1 inch deep

– Candle wick (3 foot length)

– Hot glue gun

– Ruler or measuring tape

– Scissors

– Craft knife or box cutter

1. Measure and cut the candle wick to desired length. Carefully trim off any frayed ends.

2. Glue the wick in the center of the jar lid using hot glue. Make sure the glued end is flush with the lid edge.

3. Cut a hole in the top of the lid large enough to fit your candle hand (held close to the light). Glue this hole shut with hot glue.

4. You’re ready to start filling your jar candle boxes with votives! Pour votives into the top hole until they are level with the top of the lid. Be sure to leave a ½ inch gap between each votive so that they can glow.

Steps to creating a Jar Candle Box Business

If you are thinking about starting a business that sells jar candles, there are a few things you will need in order to get started. First, you will need some jars that can hold candles. Second, you will need some candle holders to put the jars in. And finally, you will need labels or some other way to identify each jar of candles. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Decide on the type of jar you want to use for your candles. There are many choices available, including Mason jars, canning jars, and food-grade containers. You will also want to make sure the diameter of the jar is large enough so that the candles will fit without being too close together. Read more

2. Choose a holder for your jar candles. There are many options available, including candle holders with hooks or straps, wall mounts, and stands. It is important to find a holder that is comfortable for you to use and looks good on your shelves.

3. Once you have chosen your jar and holder, it is time to choose your labels or tags. You can print out your own labels or buy pre-made ones from an online store or craft store. Make sure the


If you’re looking to add a little bit of personality and pizzazz to your business, then a candle box might be the perfect option for you. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing addition that can help draw customers in, but it’s also a great way to promote your wares. Custom Candle boxes make excellent gifts too, so why not give one as a special gift or giveaway? If you’re interested in creating your own candle box, we’ve put together a guide that will show you how. Keep in mind that there are plenty of different styles and colors available so don’t feel constrained by what we’ve suggested – go ahead and experiment until you find something that suits your business perfectly.


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