Create your personalized box packaging to make your candles appear unique:

You’ve been creating impressive candles for your customers for some time now, but the packaging you offer them is just… well… generic. Every time they visit to purchase our favorite scents, they get a feeling that there could be so much more done with your products. In order to help, we suggest you create your personalized box packaging. So that you can be a bit more creative in showing your customers that their candles are unique, produced with love and care.

We have prepared some great tips for you.

And if you are looking for candle-making supplies to include in your unique packaging design. They have a wide range of candle containers and wicks available to help you achieve the best results.

Refer to the tips below to help you create your own customized packaging.

1. Use the whole box area

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you don’t waste space in any of your boxes. You want each Well-designed custom candle boxes that goes out of your shop door to be as packed with information as possible. You do not want your customers unboxing just plain brown boxes. It is essential to keep in mind that paper quality, color, and text placement can all have a big impact on how your customers perceive your products.

2. Focus on your customers

You want to make sure that you’re including information that is going to have a direct focus on your customers. This ranged from ingredients to scents, and everything in between. Your customers are going to be interested in what they are buying before they even make the purchase, so you want them to know as much as possible about what they’re going to be getting with your product.

3. Highlight the benefits of your candles

It is important to let customers know why your products are worth buying. I’m sure you already know how many other companies out there sell candles for basically the same price. Why would your customers spend the extra money if they already know what they’re getting?

4. Make it pretty

We know that you are going to want your customers to be able to see how beautiful your products are. But more importantly, you want them to feel good about the product when they buy it. If a customer is feeling bad about the packaging, then they aren’t going to like their candles. So don’t use plain brown boxes! You should try and create something that will make your customers feel good while they’re buying their candles every time.

5. Decorate the outside

If you look at your boxes, you may notice that there is a lot of empty space on the outside of them. This is an excellent place for you to include information that will get your customers excited about their purchases. If a customer is going to buy a candle from you, chances are they are going to have some interest in it. So let them know what kind of scent they’re getting and maybe even what it reminds them of if you can’t tell them. This will make sure that when your customers pull their candles out of the box, they will be more than happy with what they get in return!

6. Include a handwritten note

You want your customers to feel as special as possible when they receive their candles. If you don’t include a handwritten note, you’re going to make them feel that you would rather have emailed them one instead. This is not the case at all. But it will help create a more personal and welcoming feeling among your customers.

7. Customize the cover

If you want your boxes to be more interesting, then it is important that you start at the very beginning of the process. You can’t really make an attractive box on the inside if it doesn’t look attractive on the outside. You need to think of the cover of the box and decide how you’re going to present your information. Don’t be afraid to put some thought into how you want your customers to experience your products!

8. Use a unique font and style

Your text should look simple, but in a way that will catch people’s eyes and make them want to open up their boxes. If you are not sure what it is, then we recommend that you look at all of our candle containers. There are so many styles available for all different types of packaging. So have no worries about using something that doesn’t work for your style! We’ve got it covered!

In a nutshell:

Your candles are unique. So make your boxes unique, too!

Put some of your personal touches in each box that you send out, and you’ll see how much better the results will be. You want customers to feel as though they’re buying something special, right? Make sure that every customer leaves your shop with a smile on their face and a product they are proud to have purchased.


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