Dandruff Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Dandruff problem is a common problem in the human body and can spread to other parts of the body. It causes the scalp’s skin to flake, which is hard to treat and embarrassing, and challenging to treat. Some types of dandruff can be treated with simple daily shampoo. Counter medicine also might help remove dandruff and hair loss treatment in Jaipur in Jaipur skincity.

Primary symptoms of dandruff in human beings

  1. Skin flakes on your scalp, hair, eyebrows, beard, and shoulders.
  2. It creates an itchy scalp
  3. Scaly, crusty scalp in infants with cradles cap.

The signs of also dandruff increase with stress and tend to flare in cold, dry seasons.

Causes of dandruff in the human body

  • Through irritated, oily skin or scalp.
  • Through dry skin, especially in winters
  • A yeast-like fungus that feeds on oils on the scalps of most adults.
  • Sensitivity to hair care products or chemically proven products also causes dandruff.
  • Some other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema also cause dandruff.

Some risk factors that also cause dandruff

Risk factors generate dandruff in the human body.


It usually occurs in teenagers in their 20s and continues through middle age. It also occurs in older age, and some people have this problem can be lifelong.

Being male

Yes, being male is also the reason for having dandruff because, in the study, it is proven that males have this problem in complete to females.

Usually, in males, this problem occurs through external issues.

Certain illnesses

Parkinson’s disease and other diseases that affect the nervous system also seem to increase the risk of dandruff. So does having HIV or a weakened immune system.

When you have to see a doctor

Most people with dandruff don’t require a doctor’s care. See a dermatologist and skin specialist because they can solve your problem and give suggestions regarding daily life to prevent your skin or scalp from dandruff.

Treatments for dandruff

If dandruff and itching are severe and persistent, or if symptoms worsen, it may be a good idea to see a doctor. For mild dandruff, excluding specific causes, various over-the-counter products can help manage flaking and itchiness. Through antidandruff shampoo, you can also decrease the chance of having dandruff, but individuals should carefully try to remove as many scaly or crusty patches on the scalp as possible. This will make the shampoo more effective.

Try gently using a comb or hairbrush to remove loose scales or flakes, and then wash with a medicated shampoo. Try not to do it aggressively while removing patches or plaques because it creates irritating conditions.

Ingredients that help to counter the dandruff conditions

Most anti-dandruff and antifungal shampoos contain at least one of the following ingredients:

  • Zinc pyrithione: Slows down the growth of yeast.
  • Coal tar has natural antifungal agents and can reduce excess skin cell production. While the extra use of coal tar may stain dyed or treated hair. It can increase the scalp’s sensitivity to sunlight. Coal tar may also be carcinogenic in high doses.
  • Salicylic acid: Helps remove excess skin cells.
  • Tea-tree oil: use of this oil is present in many shampoos. It consists of antifungal and anti-bacterial things which help to remove dandruff. The study shows 5-7% of shampoo contains tea tree oil.
  • Ketoconazole: It is also an antifungal ingredient suitable for any age.
  • Selenium sulfide: It also helps to reduce dandruff scalp gland and use for the production of natural oil. It also contains antifungal properties.

How to use shampoo for different hair types

It is suggested that a person dealing with dandruff needs to use a medicated shampoo may depend to some extent on their hair type.

For Afro-textured hair or kinky hair type

Shampoo once a week with a dandruff shampoo. You can take suggestions from a dermatologist or skin specialist.

For caucasian hair and straight hair type

Make a daily shampoo routine; use an antidandruff shampoo twice a week. If one shampoo does not help, try another.

Sometimes specific shampoo may become less effective over time. People who feel their choice is losing its effectiveness may want to switch to a different shampoo with another ingredient. Always follow shampoo instructions, or you can take the doctor’s advice.


Dandruff is a common problem in the human body and can spread to other parts of the body. It causes the scalp’s skin to flake, which is hard to treat and embarrassing, and challenging to treat. Dermatologists and skin specialists treat this problem through different hair loss treatments.


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