Designing a Healthcare Website

When you’re designing a healthcare website, it is important to consider the needs of your users. In addition to HIPAA compliance, you need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and easy to use. You should also keep in mind your color scheme to create a visually appealing site. Thankfully, there are some basic guidelines you can follow to create a healthcare website that meets your goals.

User-centric web design

A healthcare website should be user-centric in design, and should be easy to navigate. Use a grid layout and the Rule of Thirds to design your website, and use a limited color palette. Classic colors for a healthcare website include soothing light greens and blues, which evoke a feeling of health and wellbeing. You should also use graphics that work together, and use plenty of white space throughout your site to prevent a cluttered design.

Healthcare websites should also be user-centric by recognizing that many users don’t know much about their health condition or medical conditions. They must provide actionable data and content that builds brand trust. This is crucial for building consumer trust and promoting brand loyalty. In the past, experts often hoarded knowledge, but now, knowledge empowers consumers, resulting in higher conversions.

HIPAA compliance

When building a healthcare website, it is important to consider HIPAA compliance. Although the law does not directly refer to the internet, any website handling personal health information (PHI) must comply with its guidelines and standards. In addition to following the guidelines of the law, a healthcare website must also be secure and encrypted.

HIPAA compliance can be accomplished in many ways, including a website’s contact forms. For instance, a website must have a secure server that uses Secure Socket Layer to encrypt data to keep sensitive data secure. Secure data storage and transmission are also important, especially if ePHI is stored on a website.

Easy to use

When designing a healthcare website, it is important to consider user needs and their expectations. Your website should provide the information your visitors need easily and efficiently. If your website’s navigation is unclear or complicated, your visitors will most likely leave your site before finding the information they need. To help make your website easy to use, incorporate easy to find sections and a clear organizational structure.

The design of your healthcare website should be simple and clean. Avoid any distracting elements and avoid colors that are not user-friendly. Your homepage should be free from clutter, and you should choose two web-friendly fonts. Your call to action should stand out from the rest of the site. In addition, your website should use colors that contrast.

Color scheme

When creating a healthcare website, a comfortable color scheme is crucial. Color plays a large role in how patients perceive a brand. White, for instance, evokes safety and professionalism, while lighter shades of blue and green evoke excitement and calmness. Regardless of your practice’s specific goals, here are some tips to help you choose the right color scheme.

Choose complementary colors for your website. The purpose of using complementary colors is to ensure that your visitors don’t feel overwhelmed. For example, a blue accented by an eco-conscious green will create a visually appealing effect. In addition, a light grey color scheme can be a good option for a technology website.

Call to action

When designing a healthcare website, you should include a call to action to get prospective patients to schedule an appointment. You can make this feature available on your provider directory, in search results, and on your homepage hero section. You can use a simple patient scheduling software program or a web developer to create the functionality.

Healthcare websites must be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. They must also portray an image of confidence and professionalism. According to Forrester Research, improving the UI of a website can increase conversion rates by up to 200%. Additionally, a quality user experience will increase your page’s ranking in Google, especially when Google introduces a user-friendly update in 2022.


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