Disposable Vape Devices – Why They Are Good for Newbies and the Many Options

There are many different types of vape devices. Some are customisable and others are not, some are designed for one-time use, and others can be recharged and refilled. The type of device we will talk about today is the disposable vape device. You can find these in any vape shop, but why do you want to use them?

Many options

The first modern vape devices were created in 2010 and referred to as cigalikes. They were very similar to our modern cigalikes now. By 2022, nearly every vaping brand had its own version of a disposable vape device. Disposable vape devices now come in many shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. There are even devices with designs, characters, and art. You can find flavours that are fruity, sweet, plain, minty, strong, and everything in between. Most often, disposable vape devices contain 5% (50 mg) nicotine levels. This may sound low, but with the use of nicotine salt being the typical nicotine type, it delivers the nicotine to your bloodstream quicker and gives your throat a smoother experience.

Good for the beginner

Disposable vape devices are one of the simplest ways to start vaping, since you don’t need to worry about atomizers, tanks, the laws of Ohms, or any other levels — including nicotine. These devices are typically run on a sensor that detects when you are taking a draw from it — meaning no button to push. You simply open the package, take the device out, and draw on it. Most disposable vape pens contain enough vape juice and battery life for the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes, though you can find some devices that are much bigger. Regardless of the size, disposable vape devices are typically lighter in weight than other devices. A disposable vape pen is easy to experiment with until you find your favourite settings, flavours, and nicotine levels — making them perfect for a beginner.

Finding the best vape device

When you start vaping, you should keep your device and vape juice simple. Vaping is a different experience than smoking cigarettes, because you have to draw on them differently. This can lead to coughing and strong throat sensations until you get used to drawing on it properly. Most disposable devices are perfect for new users, since they draw smoothly. Find a mellow or plain flavour to avoid getting a foul taste as you become accustomed to the motions and feel of vaping. Look for a disposable device that has a nicotine salt level between 2% and 5% to mimic the amount of nicotine that a cigarette would deliver. Disposable vapes give those new to vaping the chance to play with their options and decide what is best for them. They are ready to use, straight out of the package, meaning no setup time or confusion. The use of disposable vape devices is easier on your budget and your time, due to having no maintenance or parts needed. Visit your local vape shop to pick up one of the many different types of disposable vape devices and flavours today.


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