Facebook Insights: Distinguishing Reach vs Engagement

The Facebook Insights world isn’t easy to navigate, especially given the ever-more specific metrics available, such as total reach and post reach, page visits, likes, and engagement. When you first begin to study the data, deciphering the meaning of numbers can feel like a chore and a waste of time; however, plenty of useful insights can be found.

The most important thing is to understand each metric’s implications’ significance. Let’s look at two of them, the two most popular metrics, “reach” and “engagement,” and discover the best way to utilize these metrics in an insightful way. We’ll then share some suggestions on increasing your reach and engagement!


Reach measures the number of people who have seen your message and how many people have been contacted by it click here.

This is an important number to consider if you want to boost the number of followers your company has or if you would like a specific blog post to be noticed by your fans. Reach will tell you how effectively you’re advertising your business and how well you’re getting your content into people’s newsfeeds.

Reaching people through organic means is becoming more difficult over the last few years due to the algorithmic changes in the news feed on Facebook, so should you wish to expand the reach of your posts, consider pursuing paid-for campaigns.


Engagement is the number of interactions through your post. This includes how many clicks, views, and comments, as well as likes and shares your post receives.

Engagement metrics are crucial to consider if you’re looking to establish a relationship with your clients, improve the loyalty they have to your business or gauge the intent of your customers to make a purchase, for example, buying your product.

But reach and engagement don’t necessarily come together. Reaching a high number of people doesn’t indicate that engagement will also be high either – it’s also possible to achieve high reach, but low engagement, and the reverse is also true. Engagement measurement is primarily based on how appealing your content will be to the target. With higher engagement comes more visibility (aka more impact) for your content.


Are you looking to increase your post’s reach or engagement? These are the top six ideas to think about:

  • Create your content using your clients’ interests in mind and not the business. Think about what your clients are most interested in and share the information they’re likely to share with their friends.
  • Be active with the people you follow. Begin a conversation, ask questions and engage with them!
  • Include images on your blogs that connect to what your readers want to see. Make sure you follow the most effective guidelines to optimize your photos.
  • Check out the demographics of the people on your page. Look at the demographics of people who “like” your page to check if you can reach your intended audience.
  • Due to recent algorithm changes, Facebook is making it difficult to be found organically without introducing special Facebook information (such as creating an event page on the Facebook Event page); make use of those options whenever you can read more.
  • As with all digital platforms, Facebook employs algorithmic methods to ensure that its platforms remain relevant This means it’s crucial to stay current on the platform so your company can reap the most benefit from Facebook tools for business.

Analyzing metrics for all businesses is essential – reach and engagement are significant numbers to be considered. It all depends on the stage your business is at, and whether it’s brand developing and expanding or has been in operation for some time Reach, engagement, or both may be more important for you.

Are you making use of Facebook Insights? How has it been working for you? Developing a social media strategy and analyzing your data each week will be a key factor in the success of your business. Need help deciding where to begin? Pixel can assist! Contact us, and we’ll help you to develop your social media plan. You can also read our guide to digital strategy.


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