Global Scrap Trading – Now Sale Your Scrap in UAE /Dubai

Global Scrap Trading UAE – Seller and Buyer in UAE:

Global scrap trading is a well reputed global scrap seller and buyer, dealing in all scrap in UAE and Abu Dhabi. We are One of the best In Abu Dhabi and Dubai to buy and Sale the Scrap. They are well known for the best prices, quality and providing excellent services. They have a huge portfolio of customers all over the world. Contact them for all your needs. Our Scrap material also buy the iron, Copper and Aluminum and Chemicals scrap.  

About the Scrap Metals:

Scrap metal is a waste material that is composed of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, lead, zinc and so on. Scrap metal recycling is a process of recovering scrap metals from various sources for recycling purposes. Scrap metal such as cars, couches, bicycles and so on, belong to one of the most recycled materials. We are your one-stop shop for all your scrap metal recycling needs. We are in the business of offering you the best prices on sales, purchases and recycling of scrap metal. We have a large inventory of all the common and popular scrap metals. If you do not have a car to make collection of scrap metal, then you can sell your scrap metal in the following ways: 1. put an advertisement in the paper. 2. Tell your friends, neighbors, local junk dealers, etc. 3. Arrange to sell through a metal dealer. 4. Put an advert on Facebooks. 5. Try your luck at metal recycling. 6. Leave the scrap metal outside your house for people to collect.


Globalscraptrading is Famous Scrap Trading Company Dubai and scrap trading companies in the UAE. The company has been in operation for over 10 years and is well-known for its high-quality scrap products and services. Famous Scrap Trading Company Dubai is committed to providing the best possible scrap products and services to its customers. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable scrap traders who are always ready to provide the best possible deals to their clients.

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Leading Suppliers and Exporters in UAE:

We are we are leading suppliers, exporters and distributors of scrap items in UAE. We buy, sell and export wide range of commodities that are recycled in the local market. We provide excellent service, competitive price and wide range of products. Scrap Trading Dubai is the Famous Name of Global Scrap Trading and it is one of the most professional companies in the industry of scrap trading in UAE. We are the best manufacturers of all types of scrap metals such as steel, metals, aluminum and other metals. By using our service you can earn lot of money in a very short time. If you want to sale your Copper, Iron, Aluminum and Other Chemicals Material the choose us.  

Famous Scrap Trading Companies in Dubai:

Global Scrap Trading is one of the famous scrap trading companies in Dubai. We are best known for accomplishing the earliest and the largest recycling network in UAE. We offer a wide range of highly recyclable scrap materials. You can easily recycle your waste with us. We offer two options for our service. First is buy back scheme, which is an open offer for individuals. Second is pick up drop scheme, which is for organizations and corporate houses. One of the most common scrap that is broken down and sold is metal, in particular metal from cars. In fact, car scrap has a lot of metal and it is very easy to source and is usually sold for a relatively cheap price. Other metal scraps include scrap from old buildings and electronics. There are also metal scraps from construction workers who are tearing down buildings.

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