How do help students motivate themselves?

Student motivation is a great factor in their progress. When a child is not interested in learning, it means that they lack the encouragement to learn about a subject or a topic. This missing ingredient can have some adverse long-lasting effects because prolonged durations of having no motivation to study eventually becomes a characteristic trait of the child rather than a bad habit.

Some students misunderstand the lack of motivation as laziness. Either willingly, to justify their lack of encouragement, or unwillingly. Whatever the case might be, it needs to be dealt with almost immediately. Seldom do students themselves take steps to encourage themselves. This is where parents and teachers come in. They play a vital role in helping students kick-start their learning journey when they have been in a long studying gap due to the same lack of motivation.

Role of learning management system

A learning management system is a virtual platform designed by educational institutions to allow students, parents, and teachers to engage on a common easy-to-use platform. It might have become popular recently, but an LMS had always existed. Unlike the other lesser-used systems an institution has, like the fees management software, a learning management system is accessed quite regularly. Especially by students and teachers, to upload offline versions of pre-recorded classes, and access them. Having to continuously access a learning management system keeps students in touch with the school curriculum syllabus assignments they have to submit, and so on. This is also a form of motivation.

Here are some other classroom strategies which can be applied through an LMS for motivating students;

Set clear goals

The students of your classroom must be aware of what you expect from them. And which particular goals they have to achieve. Having an idea about what they have to do, with details. To encourages students to keep doing better and accomplish temporarily set goals. In the process, they somewhere become motivated to keep accomplishing all their goals. And also develop some personal ones to achieve by the end of the academic year. 

Acknowledge individual interests

Not every child is going to be excited about the same subject or skill. Acknowledging individual interests helps students to keep going on their decided path. When they do what they like, they are also equally interested in being academically aware. But first, the teacher has to find out what every student is interested in. Identifying it might not be easy in the first few weeks, but with proper introduction and conversation lines with all the students, teachers do learn about the particular interests of every student. A great way to solve this problem is by asking every child to introduce themselves at some point in time at the beginning of the session. 

Assure success with rewards and praises

Sometimes students simply like to do their best because they like someone to acknowledge it. It isn’t attention-seeking, but a coping mechanism for most children who have been often neglected in their homes. Teachers can try and fill this gap by assuring the success of every student. It is a great booster of motivation. Simple praises, especially the spontaneous ones, do the work. Teachers can also try and reward them with candies ice cream, and other things they like. When children await special gifts, there is an eagerness and motivation to work harder.

Encourage finding personal reasons

Why does a child want to become successful in the future? For some it is about becoming the best individual out there, others would like to help and contribute to society. Features can find all kinds of students in a classroom, beginning from the ones who are there to just have fun and the ones who are extremely serious about their future goals. Whatever their reasons might be, the step to motivation begins with finding the true ones.

Temporarily, a student might lack motivation because they have no clue what they would like to do in the future. Let them know that it is alright to take time to think about their reasons for wanting to do something in the future. Once they realize there is no pressure and eventually with the process of learning they will soon discover their inner voice, it becomes easier to truly think about future goals. After all, we all perform the true best under little or no pressure.


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