How Long Do Hub Motors Last On Electric Skateboards?

Electric skateboards are a perfect way to get around on a budget. They’re also gaining in popularity as the technology improves, and you’ll be able to find them at most convenience stores, gas stations, and sporting goods stores. But what happens if one of your hub motors stops working? How long do they last on electric skateboards?

If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard or have a board sitting around that needs replacing, it may be worth finding out how long Hub Motors last on electric skateboards. In this blog article, we’ll break down some of the key points about Hub Motors and how long they last so you can decide whether to invest in one for your long-term use.

What is a Hub Motor?

A hub motor is an electric skateboard motor with multiple rotors, or “hub bearings,” around its circumference. These bearings allow the motor to turn freely without needing a gearbox or chain. Hub motors are usually smaller and lighter than traditional skateboard motors, making them more efficient and faster when skating. They also last longer on an electric skateboard because they don’t require as much maintenance.

The importance of hub motors on an electric board

Regarding an electric skateboard, two key components are essential:

  • The battery pack
  • The hub motor

The hub motor is what helps power the board. It’s essentially a small engine that sits in the middle of the skateboard and helps push you along. The average lifespan of a hub motor on an electric skateboard is around 50,000 miles, but this number can vary depending on how well the skateboard is used and maintained.

If your hub motor starts to give out on you, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. You may be able to replace the hub motor altogether with a new one, or you can try fixing it yourself. If you decide to fix it yourself, make sure to do it properly so that the hub motor lasts as long as possible.

Why electric skateboards use Hub Motors

The electric skateboard Hub motor is one of the most popular types of motors on the market. They provide a smooth and consistent ride, making them perfect for use on electric skateboards. Hub motors typically last around 500 hours on a single charge, about the average lifespan of an electric skateboard battery. That said, it’s worth checking your board’s manufacturer’s warranty if something goes wrong.

How to Maximize the Life of  Your Hub Motors on an Electric Skateboard?

Hub motors are a key component of electric skateboards and can last a long time if you take care of them. Here are some tips for maximizing the lifespan of your hub motors:

  • Make sure the wheels are properly aligned and lubricated.
  • Don’t overload the motor with too much resistance when skating.
  • Don’t use the hub motors in cold weather conditions or when the battery is low.
  • Be sure to clean the hub motors regularly using a Phillips screwdriver and degreaser.
  • Replace the hub motor if it starts to make noise or stops working altogether.


As with most things related to electric skateboards, Hub motors typically last for around 500 hours before they need to be replaced or rebuilt, although this figure can vary depending on the brand and model of the hub motor. It’s also worth noting that not all electric skateboards come with hub motors – some skaters opt for traditional dual-geared boards instead. If you plan on using your electric skateboard frequently, it’s best to invest in a board with a reliable hub motor.


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