How To Add Your Own Personal Style To Your Wedding Invitations

It’s true that letterpress wedding invitations and hand-lettered save the dates are indisputably lovely, but the expense of invitation suites may quickly become prohibitive. I had no idea that printing and paper would cost so much! But if you’re on a tighter budget (and don’t mind a little DIY labor), you can always print your own invites at home.

Think About Cost

The cost of ink and paper will still add up, even if you print at home, especially if you use premium paper or inks that are very saturated. Think on if your invitations will be flat or folded, or gold foiled wedding invitations what kind of paper you’ll use, and whether you want to include a belly band or a wrap. Add stamps and envelopes to your list of things to remember. You may use all of this information to decide whether or not the savings are worth purchasing from a professional.

Figure Out Your Style

First, you should think about the invitation’s theme before you spend hours scouring the web for templates. Do you desire sophistication and ease? Vivid and eye-catching? An effect reminiscent of watercolors? Before diving into designer profiles, it’s a good idea to have a look around at different looks. Weber advises making a Pinterest board to serve as a “mood board” for determining one’s own style. If you want to see what you’re pinning the most, pin anything you like. Weber advocates looking for designers that have commonalities, such as a preference for a certain typeface or color scheme.

Timetable and Preparation

While it’s true that printing your own invites may save you money compared to hiring a professional printer, that doesn’t always imply it will save you time. Home printing might be a bit tricky, so allow yourself plenty of time, grace, and patience. Amy Gonzales, designer of Smitten on Paper, a bespoke wedding invitation suite, recommends sending out invitations eight weeks prior to the wedding day. In order to have your wedding invitations printed on time, you’ll need to calculate backwards from the big day. In case of mishaps or the need to reproduce anything, Gonzales recommends having 10 percent extra materials than you really need (such as ribbon, paper, ink, and envelopes).

Make a Personalization Strategy

According to Weber, you may either make the customisation on a template yourself or pay to have the designer do it. She warns that if you design it yourself, you won’t have as much control over aesthetic elements like typefaces and color schemes. The least costly alternative is to download the template and make the necessary changes yourself, although the designer can usually make the requested changes and resend the print-ready file to you. If you want to be sure there are no typos in your final draft, make sure to have numerous people look it over before you press print.


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