How to Choose Your First Vaping Device

As we edge closer and closer to the elimination of smoking in New Zealand, there will be changes in the rules.

Staying on top of these rule changes can help you to stay out of trouble, plus help keep you from losing time and money.

To stay current with the new rules and regulations revolving around vaping, visit your local vape shopto update your vape device.

The act of 2020

Vaping rules and products are controlled by the Smoke-free Environments and Regulated Products Amendment Act of 2020.

This creates a healthy balance between making vaping products available for those who want to smoke and keeping them out of the hands of under-age youth.

Some of the provisions of the Act went into effect immediately, and the rest were to be phased in at certain times in the future.

The provisions in the Act also serve to keep standards in place for the safety of the individual user, those around them, and the environment.


To help keep youth from being overly attracted to vaping, there are no colourings allowed in vape juices.

Another regulation states that the average retailer may not sell vape juice with flavours or smells — tobacco, mint, and menthol can be sold anywhere to people under 18.

Flavoured may only be sold by an approved merchant who specialises in vape juice and vape devices.

To control the products on the market, your vape merchant must declare every product they sell, and quit selling the ones that have been turned down by the Vaping Regulatory Authority.

The regulations also limit who may go into a detailed conversation with the customer about vaping and vaping devices.

For instance, a general retailer may only speak about the products they have, confirm what they are, recommend a safer product, and discuss pricing.

The only retailer allowed to have open conversations about vaping are speciality shop retailers.

Buying your first vape device

When you go to buy your first device, you should start small.

Vaping is different from cigarette smoking — coughing and difficulty drawing on the device are normal.

The best vape device for your first vape experiences is a cigalike or a simple vape pen.

The type of device you buy depends on your cigarette smoking habits.

For instance, if you are a heavy smoker, you will want a device with a longer battery life.

Just as the choice you make when selecting a device is important to ensure you have a good experience, so is the vape juice.

To find the right juice, keep your choice simple, and ask your clerk for recommendations based on how many cigarettes you smoked per day.

As we begin to set the ground rules for the Smoke Free by 2025 campaign, there will be many changes to come.

Staying aware of the changes that affect your vaping rights is crucial in ensuring you save yourself time, money, and trouble.

One of the new regulations includes limits on the amount of nicotine allowed in vape juices which are sold in the vape shop.

Talk to your vape device and accessories supplier regularly to stay up to date and within the regulations.


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