How to Create an Event App For Social Gatherings and Event Planning?

Who should read this content:

  • Party Planners – Who work independently with their own clients and want to make their tasks easier to manage by developing an event app.
  • Event Organisers – Who offer different types of event planning services and want to simplify the process through their own event management app for Android & iPhone.
  • Entrepreneurs – Who want to build a platform for organisers and attendees with the mobile app to share different events happening around them.

Is there any industry that still hasn’t been impacted by mobile apps and smartphones?

Probably not.

There are so many mobile apps out there for all categories, but the one category that is getting popular every year is event apps. Many people would love to know more about the app. Share information and get numerous views. Guaranteed higher engagement and greater visibility on your account. Here’s how to accomplish it: buy youtube subscribers.

Social gatherings, work events, organisation events, parties, and even business meetings… We generally refer to it as events.

And to manage these events, there are various kinds of event management as well as event planning apps available.

Now since you’re here, which means that you want to create a social event app or at least want to think about it.
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And if you’ve been an attendee to a couple of events of different types, then you know the value of the event apps. They make our lives so much easier.

And if you’re a party planner or event planner organizer who plans events on their own and would like to join the club of those who offer their own event apps, instead of just handing out printed materials, then this is your stop.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to create an event app that could help you to organize different kinds of events.

Now when it’s the matter of mobile app development for organizing events or for any category, it all comes down to its features.

Essential Features to Include In Your Event App

To create an event app, you first need to define the event type and its audience. However, there are a few essential features that you must include when you create an event app.

  • Events Feed
    Events feed generally displays the list of organised events in a particular city or area. Users can check the list of events in the events feed tab with dates, titles, and summary of the events.
  • Agenda
    Agenda is the beating heart of all types of events and event apps. It helps event organisers to personalise the agendas and favourite sessions so that users can determine where they want to be and when.
  • Speaker and Attendee Bios
    This is another essential feature for any kind of event management app. As you probably know that great networking is a common driver for boosting engagement in any event, so access to speaker and attendee information through your mobile events app can help people to make the right connections and increase overall engagement of your organized events.
  • Easy-to-Navigate Interface
    User interface of an event app is also an important element. Therefore, the navigation of an event app should be well-designed and focused on ease-of-use. And in mobile app development, simpler is always better. In simple words, your users shouldn’t have to work hard to understand your event app.
  • Maps & Directions
    The best advantage the mobile apps have over the printed material is the ability to provide live directions in the map. If your event is attracting a lot of out-of-town attendees, then map & directions functionality could be quite beneficial.
  • Social Media Integration
    In most types of events, the attendees are always interested in making new connections and expanding their network. So, social media integration is essential when you create an event app to allow your users to connect with each other via Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Developing Your Own Event App

Most of the party planners and event organizers have created a mobile app specifically to manage their events. And the set of features that you saw just above is not everything an event app can offer, but they’re just minimum requirements of an event app.

Based on our experience of developing 2000+ mobile apps in all categories, clients generally see some product in the market and want to replicate it. But, if you’re trying to create a social event app, first you need to figure out what kind of event app you want to develop.

Event management is the whole science within itself. And event apps help to distribute various tasks. Therefore, it’s important that you create a social event app as specific as possible.

For party planners and event organizers, We can help with developing the following types of event apps:

  • Social Event Planning App
  • Event Management App
  • App for Organising Conferences
  • Event Organiser App
  • Event Registration App
  • Event Booking App

However, these are not the only type of event apps. We also offer event app development services for developing local event app like Eventbrite or Event Finder App for personal use.

But, before you go ahead and start talking to mobile app development agencies, we recommend that you first investigate the market, decide what kind of event app you want to develop, define its set of features, and the outcome expectations.

If you have already investigated the market and decided what kind of social event apps you want to develop, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form with your requirements and we’ll help you create event apps in accordance to your goals. One of our sales Representative will revert to you within 16 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost!


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