How To Improve Your Tenses for the IELTS Exam? 

If you wish to move abroad for study purposes you have to clear any language test like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. IELTS is a popular choice among students planning to study abroad. It is not a very difficult exam but the condition is that you need to put dedicated efforts into its preparation. You have to be well aware of different aspects of the English language. Having good knowledge of tenses is vital to doing well in the various modules of the IELTS exam. When we talk about tenses we are referring to the action of time. Without tenses, it is impossible to define the time period of occurrence of an event. 

The basic purpose of using tenses is to convey the time when an action has occurred. It can be in past, present, or future. In the writing tasks, you will have to use tenses correctly in order to present a well-written piece of written information. Improper usage of tenses can lead to the deduction of marks. So be careful while utilizing tenses. Also during speaking, you need to ensure you use tenses correctly. If you are unable to understand the various tenses then seek IELTS online coaching where a well-experienced faculty will be able to guide you well and enhance your knowledge of tenses and other vital topics. 

Now let us read this article to understand tenses more

Usage of simple present 

For writing task

Are you aware that you need to complete 2 writing tasks? The first task requires you to report visual information on the basis of the bar graph, line chart, etc presented to you. Now you might be feeling confused about how to report this information. See keep in mind that you will always use the present simple to write about the information given in the first task. Most of the processes use the present simple. For example- This chart conveys/This diagram depicts/ This graph shows etc. The introduction of the task is almost always in present. So remember that vital point while attempting task 1 of the IELTS writing exam.

For speaking task

Usage of correct tenses while speaking matters a lot. The examiner is there to check if you have the ability to frame sentences using correct tenses. See whenever you are describing your hobbies, interests, etc you will need to use the present simple. Because these events are ongoing. You are mentioning something which exists in the present period so you’ll have to choose a simple present. Also, pay attention to the tense of the questions being asked. You need to frame and speak your answer according to the tense of the question. 

Usage of simple past

For writing test 

You need to use a simple past to talk about past processes. The data which relates to the past period has to be reported correctly by using the past tense. For example-A, a significant number of people bought TV sets in 2000 but the number decreased in the next year. Basically, when you are reporting about the previous years then you have to use the past tense. 

For speaking test 

We use the simple past to show and depict the actions of the past. So when you are describing your childhood days, and your past hobbies then you need to make use of the simple past.  So you can say that you used to love going to fairs in childhood, you loved to play ludo, etc. Use the tense according to the context. Now proper usage of tenses is essential for any type of language exam whether it is IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. If you are preparing for the PTE exam but finding it hard to understand the concept of tenses then seek PTE online coaching and get all your doubts cleared with the help of an expert faculty. 

Keep tenses consistent

You have to ensure that you don’t change the tense in middle. It is vital to use tenses consistently. If you started your writing piece in present tense then you have to continue with the same tense throughout the piece. Change to other tenses only when there is a shift in the time period or context of the situation. Try your best to stick to a common tense. You will undoubtedly use multiple tenses while writing a lengthy piece but make sure to use correct verb tenses to keep your tenses consistent throughout the text. This consistency will ensure that you get a good band score in your IELTS exam.

Wrapping it up

To wrap it up knowledge of tenses can help you do quite well in the IELTS exam. Brush up your knowledge of tenses by reading basic concepts. Use them effectively in your speaking and writing tasks. We hope the above article will aid you in gaining knowledge about tenses and getting desired band score in the IELTS exam. 


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