Ideas, Tips, and Examples To Start a Blog on Instagram

Ideas, Tips, and Examples To Start a Blog on Instagram

The blogging industry has developed throughout the years, and the platform users turn to for information has also changed. One of the significant changes is the transition from real blogs on web hosting sites to microblogging by people.Microblogs are a means to communicate information via smaller, brief posts. Think Instagram and Twitter! click here

Beginning your blog on Instagram will fall into the microblogging sphere. And the best news? Worrying about the web host, designing your website, or creating long-form content is unnecessary to start posting on Instagram!

What is a microblog exactly?

Microblogs are a way to share your thoughts via the social networks of your choice. It’s pretty simple. You’ve probably been doing microblogging for a while but didn’t realize that!

Creating your blog on Instagram allows you to post your thoughts to an audience of many. Still, they also offer the possibility of being paid to promote your Instagram posts through partnerships with brands and showing their products!

Let’s get started. These are the steps needed to begin your blog on Instagram.

1. Create an Instagram “Creator” Account

The first step to starting a blog using Instagram is to sign-up for Instagram and convert the account on your personal Instagram account into a charge that is a creator.

Instagram currently has three Instagram accounts: business, personal, and Creator.Creator accounts were explicitly created for influencers and bloggers (among other people).).

The creator account offers many advantages and benefits, which we’ll discuss once I show you how to change into a creator account. Instagram accounts from private to Creator.The first step is to visit or download the Instagram application and then follow the steps to sign up.

Screenshots of the Instagram sign-up

Once you’ve got your Instagram account, It’s time to move to a Creator profile.

As opposed to companies, in this case, you do not have to create an account on a Facebook page for your creator account. If you’d like to link your Facebook page to your account, it is possible, but it’s not necessary.For the first step, head over to your profile and select the hamburger button in the upper right-hand corner.

Photo of the Instagram profile

In the menu below, Click the link that appears as “Account.”Then next, you need to select “Switch to Professional Account.”Screenshots from Instagram settingsOnce you have completed the process, you’ll be able to choose which account you would like to create, either a creator account or one for business.

You can choose which, but this account is created specifically for influencers.

Screenshot of a user choosing between a creator account and an account for business on InstagramFollowing that, Instagram will ask you to select the Instagram category you belong in as a Creator.

Categories for Instagram accounts for business.

Then you’ll be asked for confirmation of the change. And you’re done!

Benefits of a Creator Account When Blogging on Instagram

After you’ve set up your profile as a creator and your profile set up, let’s discuss what you can gain from having a creator profile, especially if you decide to launch an online blog using Instagram.

Instagram Insights

Instagram allows creators to look into their insights and data.This makes it easy for users to understand the characteristics of their following, their ideal timing to post to get more engagement, the reach of each individual post, and more.

These details are vital when trying to determine what’s working and whatnot.If you blog via an authentic website, you’ll be able to access a wealth of helpful analytics to aid you in forming your strategies.

If you blog on Instagram, it won’t offer the same kind of analytics as websites provide. However, you will still be able to get unique data via Instagram Insights.Make sure you have your profile set up to ensure that when you start posting using Instagram, it will allow you to take advantage of Instagram Insights!

What is my audience looking to see in me?

If you have a creator account, you’ll be able to promote posts like boosting posts on Facebook.It’s not necessary to have ads; however, it’s an excellent alternative to consider!

Links Within Stories

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you’ll be able to gain by including links at the top of your Instagram stories! You can direct users to a specific link by making your followers “swipe up” on your account.

If you do not have a blog, you might not understand this value; however, there are many opportunities to earn a living via Instagram without a blog.

A swipe-up feature may be handy if you utilize affiliate marketing as an element of your monetization plan. You could use software like later’s “Linkin. bio” to make your entire feed available for purchase!

Contact Button

A contact button that opens an email directly and lets your readers contact you could be beneficial when planning to work with brands.

Sure, they can directly message you through an individual account; However, having a direct URL to an email address is equally beneficial (and is a little less formal).

Most blogs feature contact forms, so when you’re blogging on Instagram, you must connect your email to the paper so brand messages can easily reach your email inbox.

2. Find Your Blogging Niche

It could take the form of step one or two based on how you feel about it. However, it is essential to locate a specific area of interest.If you’re struggling to find an idea for an Instagram blog, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I assist my viewers?
  • What kinds of companies would I like to collaborate with?
  • What can I expect to write consistently on?

If you’re a fitness expert, it is sensible to narrow your focus to the fitness and health sector by posting related fitness pictures.

Instagrammer Shanna Leigh has been writing microblogs on Instagram for several years and is currently without a website.

She is constantly working with the top brands every month. Her primary focus is on fashion and lifestyle.

Therefore, while you don’t need to pick a niche in all likelihood (a life blog can be an all-encompassing field), It is helpful to have concentration.

Instagram Blogging Ideas

Are you unsure of where to begin? Here’s the list of different Instagram ideas for blogging that can give you a head start:

Fitness: post-workouts and the progress you’ve made, eating suggestions, and more

Fashion: Share your OOTDs and fashion advice

Life: share your daily vlogs and pictures of your day-to-day life

Travel: reveal the hidden gems you discover during your travels. Also, offer your readers tips on how to make your travels go without a hitch.

Business: Share your tips with others who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Coaching: motivate and inspire your participants to become their best self

Animals: Make your own Instagram pet-related blog to share your pet

3. Your Instagram Bio and Profile Photo

It is essential to have your Instagram biography, and profile photos are crucial.When someone comes across the Instagram page, they’ll look at a few essential factors before deciding whether or not to join your account.

The bio and profile photos fill most of the available space for most mobile devices. This is referred to as above-the-fold in web design. It refers to the content that the user will see before scrolling. Below is a picture of how it appears above-the-fold:

Screenshots of an Instagram account

What if the user could only view the top three photos of my Story Highlights, my profile photo, bio, and three Instagram images? It doesn’t matter if I have a grid of the top pictures on the planet, but when my memoir cannot grab users’ attention, they’ll not want to scroll down to view the other content I have.

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