Is it better to use a lure or live bait? The Pros and Cons of Each

Whether artificial lures or real bait are better for catching fish as quickly and effortlessly as possible depends on what you’re trying to catch and the conditions you’re in. There are times when a lure is most effective, and there are times when the bait is most effective. Each method, however, has some general pros and cons.

A guide to fishing with lures

A fishing lure is a small, artificial object, often shaped like a fish’s prey, attached to a hook and attached to the end of a fishing line. The purpose of them is to attract fish to your line.

Various types of lures are available on the market, including jigs, spinners, spoons, fly lures, crankbaits, and plugs. LEDs have even been added to some lures by some manufacturers.

Lures: The Pros and Cons

  • Lures are one-time purchases that can be reused.
  • You don’t need to store lures in dirt or water tanks, which significantly reduces the weight of your tackle box.
  • It is not dirty or smelly to handle lures.
  • Making and using lures is.
  • Using lures often results in bigger catches and fewer unwanted fish on the line.
  • By reducing deep hooking, lures can increase the survival rate of in-catch and release fishing. Deep hooking leads to higher fish mortality rates.
  • In addition to reducing anglers’ use of bait, lures help keep populations of bait species from becoming overharvested.

Cons of fishing with lures

  • Finding the right fishing lure can take some trial and error. 
  •  You may end up with clutter in your tackle box as a result.
  • If you’re not careful, lures can get expensive, and not all of them will work.
  • There are many places where lures can get stuck, including weeds, branches, and rocks. In murky waters or at night, they won’t be very effective.
  • The best koda fishing lures are cast in areas where fish are abundant. 
  • A lure needs the right combination of weight, hook size, and color to work effectively for the type of fish you to catch. Therefore, they aren’t as straightforward as bait. For beginners, the number of options can be overwhelming.

Fishing Lures: When to Use Them

The effectiveness of lures depends on just the right conditions, for better or worse. The best time to use lures is when:

  • It’s pleasant and clear in the water
  • There is a warmer claim there are aggressive, predatory fish around fish
  • You’re in a catch-and-release area
  • A sign stating “artificial only” or “fly and lure only” is displayed in the waters

Bait fishing has many advantages

  • Fish are more attracted to live prey than bait, so the bait is highly effective. With gusto, they latch on, increasing your chances of landing a deep-hooked fish on the end of your line.
  • The bait attracts a wide range of fish species, increasing your chances of catching something.
  • In the long run, bait is often cheaper than lures. If you find it in nature, it’s free.

Fishing with bait has its cons

  • Fishing with bait is messier and smellier than fishing with lures. When you catch your own bait, be prepared to get your hands, clothing, and gear smelly and dirty.
  • The storage of bait requires special considerations, such as refrigeration or circulating water.
  • As a result of these storage considerations, bait is usually heavier than artificial lures.
  • Buying bait requires frequent trips to the bait shop and careful planning.
  • The overfishing of fish prey is a result of fishing with bait.
  • Any and all kinds of fish, including smaller ones or fish you didn’t expect to catch, will be attracted to it.
  • In catch and release fishing, bait increases the rate of deeply hooked fish – a con as this decreases fish survival.

Bait: When to use it

Just as with lures, bait’s effectiveness depends on the right conditions. The best time to use bait is when:

  • Muddy or murky water
  • It’s late at night
  • You’re a beginner looking to catch anything you can
  • The stakes are high when you’re fishing
  • It’s cold outside, or even better, it’s ice fishing season
  • It’s your next meal!

Fishing methods have pros and cons – it all depends on the species you’re trying to catch, your level of experience, and the conditions.


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