Jamf 20M Apple 16M 4MChambers9to5Mac: A Look into the World of Apple Device Management


Apple items are among the most generally involved gadgets on the planet, with a large number of clients depending on them for their own and proficient requirements. Dealing with these gadgets, nonetheless, can be a test, particularly for huge associations with hundreds or thousands of gadgets to monitor. This is where Jamf, a main Apple gadget the board organization, comes in. In this article, we’ll investigate Jamf’s new obtaining of 20M and its relationship with Apple, as well as its effect on the universe of gadget the executives.

  1. Jamf’s Obtaining of 20M: Jamf, a Minneapolis-based programming organization, as of late gained 20M, a Swedish-based organization that has practical experience in cell phone the board (MDM) and security. This procurement has permitted Jamf to extend its contributions to incorporate high level security highlights, including zero-trust network access, endpoint discovery and reaction (EDR), and cloud access security representative (CASB) capacities. The obtaining likewise gives Jamf a more grounded traction in the European market, where 20M has a critical presence.
  2. Apple’s Relationship with Jamf: Apple and Jamf have a cozy relationship, with Apple in any event, putting resources into Jamf’s first sale of stock (Initial public offering) in 2020. Apple has likewise perceived Jamf as a critical accomplice for Apple gadget the board, and Jamf has been named an Apple undertaking the executives accomplice. This organization has permitted Jamf to incorporate consistently with Apple gadgets, furnishing IT groups with a complete arrangement of devices to oversee and get their Apple armadas.
  3. Influence on Gadget The executives: With the expansion of Apple gadgets in the working environment, gadget the board has turned into a basic worry for IT groups. Jamf’s procurement of 20M and its nearby organization with Apple bring permitted it to the table for an extensive arrangement of gadget the executives instruments that make it more straightforward to oversee and get Apple gadgets. From enlistment to design to security, Jamf gives a solitary stage to overseeing Apple gadgets, making it simpler for IT groups to monitor their gadgets and guarantee that they are secure and state-of-the-art.


Jamf’s securing of 20M and its nearby organization with Apple have hardened its situation as a main supplier of Apple gadget the board arrangements. With a thorough arrangement of apparatuses that make it simpler to oversee and get Apple gadgets, Jamf is strategically set up to fulfill the developing need for gadget the board arrangements in the working environment. As the utilization of Apple gadgets keeps on developing, the significance of gadget the executives will just keep on expanding, making Jamf’s answers considerably more basic for IT groups all over the planet.


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