Jira Software vs Monday – Which is More Flexible in 2022?

There are several important factors that you should consider when choosing between Jira Software and Monday.com, so keep reading to discover the differences between them. They are both cloud-based, but which is more flexible? You can find out by reading our comparison of their features below. Jira software is a much more expensive option, and it’s not recommended for small organizations. On the other hand, Monday is more flexible than Jira.

Jira Software

If you are wondering how Jira is different from Monday.com, it’s important to understand what the differences are between the two. Jira can be used on a self-hosted Data Center or in the Atlassian Cloud. It’s Server has a sunset date, while Jira Cloud is constantly updated. Jira cloud boasts SOC2/SOC3 compliance, customer support, and multi-project automation. Jira Software is more flexible in 2022 than Monday.com.

While Jira has a flexible free plan, it does come with its own set of limitations. Users can only add a single user account for free and can’t share their accounts. Jira doesn’t offer a paid version, but the free plan lets you use unlimited projects, tasks, reports, automation, and teams. The free plan isn’t fully featured, and you’ll find some limitations in its features.

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There are many advantages to both products, but both also have their shortcomings. While both have a great deal of potential, Jira is more complex to learn and is more powerful than Monday. Monday software also has more integrations with other applications, while Jira has fewer. Both tools can be used to communicate with your team and manage issues, but they differ in their capabilities when it comes to software development and bug tracking.

Both Asana and Monday offer project management and collaboration tools, but Asana focuses more on individual tasks and long-term planning. Monday, on the other hand, focuses on team collaboration and project-based tasks. Both software tools are effective for smaller projects, but Monday excels when it comes to enterprise features, collaboration tools, and workspace. But which is better in 2022?


When it comes to price and flexibility, Jira is clearly the clear winner. The Jira enterprise plan offers a number of advanced features not available in the standard plan, such as advanced security and administration. On the other hand, the Monday.com pricing plan is slightly cheaper. Both have the same amount of features, but Jira is more flexible when it comes to customization and has a lower price. If budget is your biggest concern, Jira should be the first choice.

Jira is a project and bug management tool with a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS platforms. Its mobile app can be used for basic task management, but Jira’s mobile app lets you create issues, manage boards, and even manage service SLAs. Both Jira and Monday offer native integrations with Slack, AWS, GitLab, and the Atlassian product suite.


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