Jose Trinidad Marin Biography

Have you read Jose Trinidad Marin’s Biography? Did you know that he was once convicted of molestation of Jenni Rivera’s sister? Did you know that he also abused his own daughter and sister? If you’re looking for a brief Jose Trinidad Marin Biography, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you about this controversial singer’s life and career. And hopefully, this article will give you some insight into the man behind the scandal.

Jose Trinidad Marin was convicted of molesting Jenni Rivera’s sister

The actress and singer was the daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Jose Trinidad Marin. She was about to graduate from high school and attend college to earn her degree in music. However, she cancelled her trip because of rumors about her father. 

Jose Trinidad Marin was married to three women, including Jenni Rivera. He was famous for his work in showbiz and was accused of molesting Jenni Rivera’s younger sister. The alleged molestation took place between 1989 and 2004, and the couple had three children together. However, Jose Trinidad Marin is still in prison for molesting Jenni Rivera’s sister.

He abused his own daughter

A California man has been sentenced to 31 years in prison without parole for abusing his own daughter. The man, also known as Trino Marin, abused his own daughter, Jacquie Rivera, and her younger sister, Rosie, when the girls were still very young. Chiquis Rivera, Jenni’s mother, filed for divorce in 1992 after the abuse began. She remained uncommunicative with her father and the family’s other children. The abuse went unnoticed by the family until she found out that Trino Marin had been abusing her daughter. Her daughter’s sister Rosie, 13, also accuses him of sexually abusing her.

After the abuse began, the singer and actress was forced to stop performing. His former wife, a popular singer and actress, died in a plane crash in 2012. Their relationship lasted a few years and they divorced in 1992. The couple has three children together. While it is unclear if Jose Marin’s wife was abusing her daughters, she claims that he abused her physically and emotionally, and their relationship never lasted. While the singer’s younger daughter has accused her father of sexual abuse, the mother has not yet found another husband.

He abused Jenni’s sister

It’s been more than 20 years since Jose Trinidad Marin first married Jenni Rivera. This was after he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. The father of three was sentenced to 31 years in prison for the crimes. Jenni’s sister, Rosie, and younger daughter, La Chiquis, were abused by Trino during their early years of marriage.

When the couple was first dating, Jose Marin had no job. He took odd jobs to support their relationship. Eventually, he was hired as the administrative manager of an American-Mexican cafe. In response, Trino suggested that Jenni pursue further education, but Jenni chose to stay at home with her children and house. The abuse began at that point. The abuse was so severe that Jenni’s younger sister reported it to the police.

He abused his sister

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Jose Trinidad Marin has been sentenced to 31 years in prison for sexually abusing his sister and daughter. The pair had met in high school and got married when Jenni was 15 and pregnant. Although the two are no longer together, the relationship has been tainted by the fact that Jose sexually abused Jenni and their children. While in jail, he also repeatedly harassed and abused Jenni, his sister-in-law.

Rosie, the eldest daughter of Jose Trinidad Marin, confessed to her abuse to police in 1997. He threatened her with physical harm if she sold him out. The abuse stopped when she told one of Marin’s girlfriends that she was menstruating. The two children, Jacquie, Chiquis, and Rosie, were abused by their father. Rosie, the eldest daughter of Jose Trinidad Marin, reported the abuse to the police, who filed a criminal complaint against the father.

He abused his ex-wife

Jenni Rivera, the American actress and singer, was married to Jose Trinidad Marin in 1984. The couple met during their high school days and married in a secret ceremony. However, the relationship soon became rocky and the couple separated. According to Jenni’s divorce filing, Jose abused her and their children and cheated on her, leading to the end of their marriage. She was forced to leave her profession to care for their young children, and the couple separated in 1992.

Jenni filed for divorce in 2011, but she did not know about the scandal until years later, when she met her ex-husband in jail. In addition to abusing her ex-husband, Jose also abused her two daughters, Rosie and Jacquie, as well as their own sister. Rosie Marin’s first confession was in 1997, when she said that her father abused her, and she did not know until after the divorce that she had to report him. Click Here to know more about Jose Trinidad Marin.


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