Making the Most of Instagram Features to Get More Likes

Instagram serves as an excellent marketing tool for businesses. However, many companies continue to post pictures on the site and ignore the numerous other features. Try the following tips to increase engagement and see a jump in the comments and likes. 

Add Videos

Instagram is for more than pictures. Boost likes with the help of videos. When a person encounters a video or Instagram reel, they pause to see what it is. The video or reel stands out when surrounded by static pictures.

A how-to video that doesn’t require the use of audio is a great way to bring movement into the feed. Include captions on these videos, as a person can still watch the video in public were turning the volume up may be discouraged for a variety of reasons.

Combine these videos with purchased Instagram likes and see engagement skyrocket quickly. To learn more about purchased Instagram likes, read the FAQ.

Benefit from Boomerang

Instagram introduced Boomerang in 2015 to create looping videos that mimic animated GIFs. People love visuals, which is why this site is so popular. However, when scrolling through their feed, they may overlook certain pictures.

The forward and backward look of a short video clip catches their attention. They are easy to create and increase engagement. Use them to highlight a certain portion of the day, such as when a new visitor comes into the business.

The one-second clip plays for six seconds in a loop, and any quick, dramatic movement is ideal for this type of visual. While there is no separate Boomerang app anymore, businesses can still access the technology with the help of Instagram Stories. 

Instagram Carousels

Combine multiple photos in one post with the help of Instagram Carousel. At one time, carousels could only be used for ads. Now any person or business can use them to share photos in a single post. In fact, a person can use this feature to share multiple videos at one time. This is ideal for special events or when the business wants to tell a story without needing multiple posts to do so. 

What many people don’t realize is Instagram actually promotes these carousels. If a viewer scrolls past the first picture or carousel in the carousel as they go through their feed, Instagram will show them the second picture or video further down in the feed. This gives the business more opportunities to gain likes and comments. 

Share Quotes

People like knowing what they are expected to do. Take advantage of this and provide an actionable quote, one that relates to the business in some way. If this type of quote cannot be found, try to come up with one that relates directly to the brand or the products offered.

To ensure this quote gets noticed, post it on a solid-colored background with bold text in a bright color. It will catch the viewer’s attention and get them to stop and read the words. 

Go beyond photos on Instagram to gain more attention. The ideas are truly endless, and users find the site provides features to enhance the experience. Learn more today about this platform and how it works. Those who do so will find they can try new things and gain an edge over the competition in the process. 


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