Mindfulness For Happiness – Shape Your Thoughts And Enjoy Your Life

Positive emotions are challenging to alter because it appears that genetic variables account for over half of our happiness. 

However, some activities, such as expressing gratitude, engaging in loving-kindness meditation, and mindfulness, reveal how to boost pleasant feelings. Being mindful includes keeping an open mind in the present moment and adopting an attitude of acceptance and willingness inside or outside. Online Mindfulness meditation course provides a skill set and a way of approaching life. Although some research has demonstrated that online courses for mindfulness practices boost good moods, the exact reason for this is unknown. 

Keeping An Eye on your Current Experiences

Slowing down and consciously focusing on various aspects of your expertise. What you feel in your body, what you feel in your feelings, emotions, or sensory perception, or what is going on around you, is one aspect of practicing mindfulness. You start to become aware of this change when your attention starts to stray, and you purposefully bring it back to the subject you have chosen to pay attention to. Monitoring describes this purposeful focus of attention. By allowing you to take things slowly and notice more of the good things that are happening, keeping track of your experience can make you happier.

You might start to notice the flowers and trees more, appreciate the warmth of the sun over your skin, or savor the warmth of your partner’s or child’s warm look. On the other side, being aware of both happy and bad feelings as they come up may also help you become more conscious of bad sentiments and bodily sensations, including stress. It may be difficult or painful to endure certain emotions or thoughts. Positive emotions could be felt, but they might subsequently be abruptly replaced by unpleasant ones. Therefore, if we want to be happier, it could take more than just observing. 

Acknowledging Your Internal Experiences

Acceptance is the second aspect of mindfulness. To practice acceptance, you must approach your experiences—such as thoughts, feelings, sensations, and cravings—with love, gentleness, and openness. It strikes a balance between denying your emotions and becoming overly identified with them. Difficult experiences may become less traumatic if you give them space and time to process them.

Judgment or clinging is the antithesis of acceptance. Clinging entails refusing to let good things go, pushing ourselves to smile when we’re not, or making an effort to avoid life’s inevitable struggles and ups and downs.

The Research

In two separate trials of stressed community adults, the researchers examined the outcomes of two distinct mindfulness meditation courses online. Monitoring only versus tracking plus tolerance with a control treatment. In one study, a mindfulness meditation course online took place in person; in the other, it was conducted via smartphone. For three days before and three days following the study, both good and negative feelings were measured at the end of the day (through diaries) as well as four randomly selected times each day using a smartphone.

The findings demonstrated that while all active mindfulness online courses for depression initiatives lowered negative feelings in the same way from the start of the study to the end, they had different effects on positive feelings. 

The observation + acceptance group considerably outperformed the monitoring only and control groups in terms of enhancing good feelings. According to these findings, mindfulness based stress reduction online course may only make us happier if we learn to tolerate, make room for, and embrace whatever experiences emerge rather than passing judgment on, allowing them to define us, or avoiding them. Perhaps accepting something causes a mental change that allows us to let go and accept things as they are rather than dwelling on what we lack, what we ought to have done, or what might occur in the future. You may breathe and experience the delight of the current moment by letting go of attempting to manage everything, whether you’re walking or doing anything else.

Being conscious of your feelings, including unfavorable thoughts or physical stress (monitoring), is only a portion of the job. Additionally, you need to become in the habit of letting those emotions and sensations be there without attempting to push them away, worrying about them, using them to define you, or criticizing yourself for experiencing them.

In a Nutshell 

The following activity will assist you in developing acceptance in your day-to-day life:

Try to provide space for any negative emotions you’re having trouble dealing with, such as anger or grief. After naming the emotion pay attention to where in your body it is felt (e.g., your chest). Try to approach the experience with curiosity, letting the rage there and seeing how it changes throughout your body—whether it gets hot or cold, spacious or tight, or has other characteristics. Observe what your anger makes you want to do, such as shout or scream, and be aware if you have the option of doing so or not. 


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