Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets and How to Bet On Them

Someone who isn’t acquainted with cricket can avoid betting on the sport since it seems strange and difficult to understand, which might lead them to lose their money.

You will, however, discover that there is a significant amount of possibility for putting some winning bets if you educate yourself on the laws of the game as well as the key events.

As is the case with a large number of other sports, cricket is played in one guise or another almost every day throughout the whole planet. This provides a wonderful opportunity to practise betting tactics such as cricket betting predictions and to locate events and games that are suitable for various degrees of interest.

Formats Used in the Game of Cricket

Understanding that the top players and teams in the world in one format may not be nearly as excellent in another will naturally impact how you make your picks if you want to bet on cricket.

There are now three primary cricket formats: (although a new 100-ball game is being introduced in England in 2020).

Comparison Game

Test matches, the classic format of the game, typically last five days and consist of two innings for each side.

There is no time restriction on how long each team may bat or bowl, and the slower tempo of play can be appealing or boring, depending on your perspective.

Constraints on Overs

One of the goals of introducing limited-overs cricket in the 1970s was to increase cricket’s popularity and fan base by making the game more attractive to watch.

Cricket currently comes in a variety of forms, including a one-day version called “limited overs,” which was formerly only played on weekends.


Twenty-over cricket is a relatively recent variant of the game in which each side gets 20 outs while batting.

Some of the most interesting and profitable cricket games are the different Twenty20 leagues throughout the globe, which also provide thrilling in-play markets for the sports bettor.

Betting on Cricket: Some “Cricket”-Specific Advice

Before diving into the cricket betting markets, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Cricket is possibly unusual in that the weather may have a significant impact on the outcome of any match, irrespective of the quality of the teams participating. Another important factor is the state of the field.

What One Can Expect From Mother Nature

Although the play is called off when rain is in the forecast, gloomy skies may result in more dramatic swings for the ball in cricket.

If the game you are betting on has bowlers that can control the ball, or introduce what is known as reverse swing, then you could expect such bowlers to have more success, either by taking more wickets than usual or by causing the otherwise formidable batting side to struggle.

The wicket (or pitch) is always a major factor in determining how a game will go. If the wicket is flat, for instance, batsmen will have an advantage since they can more easily anticipate the flight of the ball.

Since both teams will have an opportunity to score runs, this won’t help determine a victor, but it might encourage a high total.

On the other hand, if the pitch is dry, the batting team may have trouble, particularly if the opposition has excellent spin bowlers.

Playing the Odds the Old-Fashioned Way

Even if you’re a cricket lover, it may be tough to keep up with all the numerous leagues, forms, and contests out there. Make sure you are well-versed in the subject matter at hand.

The investigation is essential –

Having knowledge about the best batsman in the world is useless if you don’t also know that he is at his best in one-day matches but not in test matches.

Later this summer, cricket’s most famous rivalry will resume when the Ashes are played. It’s the match that most people picture when they hear the words “cricket,” and it’s played between Australia and England once every two years.

Betting on who will win the Ashes is perennially popular, and the home team is typically a safe bet unless one of the two sides is extremely dominant.

Interesting betting lines may be found in the separate test markets, as punters must take into account the varying playing surfaces and weather conditions that occur over the summer.

Test Matches Between Teams From Around The World

Betting on domestic cricket tournaments, even the very popular T20 leagues, is something we try to avoid doing since so many of the best players are on central contracts and don’t always feature regularly for their county or state sides.

This is not because one dislike the T20 format, but rather because it may be time-consuming to keep track of who is playing for which teams and when. Betting on international cricket is my preferred option since they can stay up with the latest news and know exactly who is playing.

Activities of a Unique Nature

Although the Ashes is a huge deal in the cricketing world, one hasn’t included it here because they think it’s preferable to treat it like any other test series when placing bets on it. When the media is covering every aspect of the historic rivalry, having that mindset might help you focus on cricket.

Special occasions are things like the ICC Cricket World Cup. The Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of the one-day international format and, in my opinion, the most thrilling kind of cricket. It is played every four years.

A Few Closing Remarks About “Cricket”

There are a lot of moving parts in every cricket match, so it’s best for a newcomer to watch a few games and read up on the teams before diving into the betting markets.

Once you have a firm handle on the game, you can dive into any number of markets, and I’ll make sure to keep this site up to date with all the latest cricket betting news and updates as the year progresses.

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