Multiple Turkish visas that can be obtained by Indians

Turkey is one of the famous tourist spots for Indian citizens. If you are planning on visiting Turkey then you need to know that there are different kinds of visas that you can apply for from the Turkish embassy in Mumbai or you can also make an online application. In this article we are going to discuss the most popular turkey visa for Indians for your knowledge. 

Turkey tourist visa for Indian 

One of the most popular visas for Indians is the tourist visa. This visa as the name tells us is the type that is valid for applicants who want to travel to turkey for the purpose of tourism. If you want to explore Turkey and have a good personal time over there then you need to apply for the tourist visa from the embassy. You can get the Turkey visa for Indians from the embassy or you can also take the Turkey electronic visa facility.

Turkey business visa for Indian 

Another popular visa type that you can obtain is the Turkey business visa. Many Indians have businesses and investments in Turkey and so to tend to their commitments in Turkey they would need to apply for a business visa. The business visa can be applied from the embassy or you can also get the e visa for business. This kind of turkey visa for Indians has a maximum validity of 90 days.

Turkey visa on arrival for Indian 

This visa type is quite interesting. You don’t have to apply for this visa in advance from the embassy or from the official website. Rather this kind of visa is the one which you can get when you reach the Turkish international airports. The on-arrival visa is issued on arrival from the airports to travelers who have a transit flight from turkey. This is a very popularly applied turkey visa for Indians as most flights to Europe from India are via Turkey.

Turkey electronic visa for Indian 

The electronic visa facility started in 2013 in Turkey. The main purpose was to facilitate tourists and streamline the visa application process. Turkey e visa is not available for citizens of every country. Only a few countries can avail this service, luckily e turkey visa for Indian passport is valid. You can apply for this visa online and get it in a maximum of three days. The online visa application is ten times simpler than the traditional process which is why most people tend to apply online.

Turkey study visa for Indians

Another commonly applied turkey visa for Indians is the study visa. Indian students who want to continue their studies in Turkey are the ones who can get this visa. The only main requirement to get a study turkey visa for Indian citizens is an admission acceptance letter from a Turkish university.

There are many more Turkey visas for Indians which you can enquire about from the turkey embassy in India or from your nearby consolidated office.

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