Online Hifz Quran Classes in U.S.A. and U.K.


The Holy Quran is the divine word of God, which contains guidance for humanity. It is a book that tells us about life and the afterlife, our relationship with Allah (God), and how we should live here on earth. The Holy Quran has existed for over 1400 years, yet it remains relevant today because it speaks to us through its beautiful words, teachings, and stories. It answers questions such as “Why do bad things happen?” and “How can we overcome these obstacles?”

What is Hifz?

Hifz is the act of memorizing the entire Quran. It is a lifelong process that should be started in childhood and should not be done just for completing requirements of your studies but also as a form of worship and remembrance of Allah.

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 23 years by Allah through Gabriel (AS). This means that there are many different ways to learn about it. Still, one way that works very well is through Hifz Online Quran Classes with which teach you how to read Arabic words by their meaning so you can understand their meanings better when reading them out loud or using them in everyday life, such as writing letters or talking on phone calls with family members, etc.

Benefits of Hifz

Benefits of Hifz

Hifz is an Islamic practice that helps you to develop a strong relationship with Allah and the Qur’an. It also helps you to develop a strong bond with our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), as well as other great Muslim personalities such as Hasan ibn Ali, Umar ibn Al-Khattab, Uthman ibn Affan, etc., so that they may guide us on how to live our lives correctly by giving us knowledge about their lives and teachings them through their sayings and actions which are recorded in Hadith collections like Sahih Bukhari or Sunan Abu Dawud among others which contain authentic narrations from these individuals themselves when asked questions about Islam during times. when it was still being established after Muhammad died in 632 AD until today people still refer back those books for answers about how things should be done throughout history since then!

Why should you enroll your child in our online hifz program?

Our students can enroll their children in our online hifz program because:

  • We have a well-structured and systematic course outline so that they can memorize the Quran step by step gradually.
  • We provide the students with a well-structured and systematic course outline so that they can memorize the Quran step by step gradually.

Course Outline

The course will be divided into various stages, each stage into various levels, and each level will be divided into various chapters. In addition, each chapter will be divided into various surahs, and each surah will have parts (or verses).

Who will teach my child?

Our teachers have vast experience in teaching the Quran. They are qualified and experienced, well versed with the Quran, and ready to help you make your child learn this beautiful book.

Our teachers are not just anyone who has been reading the Qur’an for years but have been trained by experts who have dedicated their lives to learning more about Islam and its teachings on how we should live our lives as Muslims.

Why us?

As a leading online Quran learning school for kids, we have provided Quranic education to Muslims in the U.S. and U.K. for years. We have taught thousands of students from all walks of life and backgrounds. 

Our teachers are well trained and certified by [insert name of the institute]. Our curriculum has been developed by [insert name of the institute]. Our online platform is designed to help you learn with tajweed at your own pace without any distractions from technology.

We also offer a student support system so that you can quickly get help when needed or feel more confident about your studies, as well as a grading system that provides detailed feedback on each assignment submitted by yourself or other students at our institution.

How do I enroll my child?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to enroll your child in a Hifz Quran class. We will be happy to discuss the program with you and arrange for a private tutoring session.

We will send you a contract with our fees, classes, and other program details. You must sign this contract before paying any fees (according to its terms).

Frequently asked questions.

  • What is the minimum age for enrolling in the online hifz program?

The minimum age of children who wish to enroll in this program is ten. However, if you have a child below ten years old who can comprehend what they hear, they can also take part in our classes.

  • How many hours a day should my child spend on the online hifz program?

For your child to benefit from our classes, it is essential that they attend at least 3-5 hours per day; however, we recommend at least 4-6 hours per day so that you can observe them closely while they learn new material from us. 

This will help ensure that your children learn effectively and efficiently throughout their stay with us! Most importantly, though: don’t worry about missing out on anything else because we’ll still be here whenever life gets too busy! We sometimes understand how busy everyone’s lives are, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.”

We provide the students with a well-structured and systematic course outline so that they can memorize the Quran step by step gradually.

We provide the students with a well-structured and systematic course outline so that they can memorize the Quran step by step gradually.

We have a team of highly qualified teachers who are specialized in providing Hifz Quran classes in the U.S.A. and U.K. This makes us different from other institutes because our teachers are not just ordinary people but professional Islamic scholars who have excellent knowledge about the Arabic language as well as other subjects related to Islam like Hadith, Tafsir, etc., which makes them better qualified than others when teaching Hifz classes online or offline.


We have the best faculty members with years of experience teaching Quran and Hifz. They will guide you through every step of the program to ensure your child is getting the best possible learning experience.


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