Philips CPAP Machines Recall

If you’re looking for a Philips CPAP Machine, you’ve come to the right place. This American company specializes in respiratory products. It is based in the Pittsburgh suburb of Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The company has a long history of improving respiratory health, and it has many different types of machines.

168 deaths linked to CPAP machine recall

Philips is recalling millions of CPAP and BiPAP machines for potential health risks. These devices use a foam called PE-PUR that can break down and release toxic gases and particles into the user’s lungs. This can cause respiratory problems, cancer, and other health issues. This recall has led to three-hundred lawsuits, including 323 in Pennsylvania. There are also hundreds of class action claims against Philips.

In an update released shortly before the FDA announced its MDR, Philips acknowledged that there were substantial health risks linked to its breathing devices. The company voluntarily recalled its devices after receiving patient complaints of black particles in their lungs. In a statement, the company said it knew of the health risks but failed to alert authorities until years later.

The company is now working with a new public relations firm to deal with the ongoing CPAP machine recall. The company is attempting to do damage control by issuing a report on updated safety testing results. This update cited the use of sound abatement foam and preliminary results of tests. The updated safety tests found that CPAP users were not exposed to dangerous levels of toxic VOC chemicals.

In a recent Pretrial Order, the court has appointed retired Magistrate Judge Diane M. Welsh as Settlement Mediator in the Philips CPAP Recall MDL. Although the appointment does not mean that the company intends to settle the claims before trial, the appointment of a Settlement Mediator could help the company get out of litigation costs as early as possible.

2 million affected by recall

Philips has announced a recall of approximately two million of its CPAP machines. This recall is meant to protect patients with high-risk conditions such as cardiac conditions and severe breathing problems. It also affects those who can’t sleep without their machines and those who work in high-risk occupations. Philips is asking users to cease using their machines immediately and contact its customer service department to return the recalled units.

The recall of 2 million Philips CPAP machines has raised many questions, including whether the company complied with federal recall requirements. One of the most significant questions is whether Philips has violated the law by failing to notify patients of potential health risks. CPAP lawyers say that the company failed to notify consumers of the recall in a timely manner.

The recall affects a large number of CPAP machines and ventilators. The recalled machines contain a foam material that reduces sound and vibration, but may emit chemicals that cause severe illness and injury. The foam particles are black and can be inhaled or swallowed, which makes them potentially dangerous.

The CPAP machines made by Philips have a defect in the sound abatement foam, which reduces machine vibrations. The foam may degrade over time, releasing toxic gases into users’ airways. This defect can lead to serious injuries and even death.

Over-the-Air Software Updates

If your Philips CPAP Machines device is no longer receiving software updates, it’s time to contact Philips Support and ask for a new version. This problem isn’t limited to just new machines, but also covers older models as well. In fact, some models are up to five years old, so you’ll want to check with your insurance company before purchasing a new machine.

If you have a recalled Philips CPAP Machine, be sure to check with your insurance company to see if you’re covered. The company will replace or repair affected devices, which will either be the same model or a new one depending on your specific needs. The company has informed Health Canada of its plans, and expects to complete the repair program in Canada by the end of 2023.

Philips has put a recall on some of its models, including the OmniLab Advanced+ and A-Series BiPAP A40. It is a safety hazard, as the sound foam in these machines may break down and be inhaled by users. This type of material contains VOCs, which are known carcinogens that can damage internal organs. You can find out if your Philips CPAP machine has this problem by visiting the company’s registration page, where pictures are provided for your assistance.

Fortunately, the software updates are free. If you’re not currently receiving them, contact Philips Respironics and see if your machine is included in the recall. If your machine has been recalled, contact the company immediately. They may be able to offer you a free replacement or a refund.


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