Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Hybrid Wedding

Whether the weddings are big or intimate, it is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and in the time of the pandemic, the focus drifted to the software aspect of technology. People started looking for safer options and that is when the concept of hybrid events came into place. The big fat Indian wedding is a very popular concept and the idea of an intimate wedding is preferred only by people who have economic restrictions.

Hybrid events platforms, like Dreamcast, that combine in-person and virtual events have seen an increase in demand. After the second wave, the concept of hybrid events became more popular because of the safety issues and it is expected that the trend is going to expand more. There are many different benefits of a hybrid wedding but to plan it efficiently some things need to be kept in mind.


· Making it real

A virtual celebration comes with its own set of challenges and the couples hosting the wedding need to ensure that everything’s running smoothly and every guest is taken care of. To make the wedding feel real, it is important to choose the right platform to stream the wedding.

It is very important to filter the guest list to decide who’s to be invited virtually and physically. The pre-wedding shopping is also a major concern for a virtual wedding. A stable and reliable internet connection.

· Preparing for a change

The concept of a hybrid wedding is not an old one and the hybrid conference platforms are still preparing for it. All the wedding venues are not very well equipped with the technology needed for the same. Some venues have been looking for ways to incorporate the technology needed to conduct a hybrid wedding.

Many different arrangements are needed to conduct a hybrid wedding and therefore invested in fast and reliable internet. For this to happen smoothly, it is important to prepare a list of who all are going to attend and via what medium.

· Becoming capable of a live stream

Once the capabilities of internet and wi-fi are ensured then, the hybrid meeting platform needs to focus on its live stream capabilities. They can prepare the other necessary equipment and can either develop it on their own or work with a vendor to do so. The vendor can help in assisting in the A/V needs and it should be made compatible.

Some of the basic equipment needed for a smooth hybrid exhibition platform are cameras, tripods, lighting, and high-quality microphones. Many vendors offer a package to the host couple to reduce the hassle and is a great option for people who want to set up everything.

· Update the entire wedding packages

An inclusive package has everything that the host couple needs for a happy and fun wedding, The basic needs include A/C equipment, photography, lightning, and other levels of services and equipment. One of the tiers is the live stream add and all the others are inclusive of all of this.

· Virtual walkthroughs of the wedding venue

The couples who are sourcing vendors for the conduct of a wedding can also give virtual tours of the wedding held previously and 3D technology vendors, and a Zoom or FaceTime tour. The wedding venues can also work with a videography team that offers virtual tours to enhance the experience of the wedding.

Since hybrid weddings are a new concept even for the host couple, they will have many doubts regarding the same. Therefore, it is necessary to post videos and photos so that the customer can prepare themselves and clarify all their doubts before finalizing a venue. The customer should feel confident in the venue that they are finalizing and the facilities that the venue can provide.

· Socially distant celebration

Since hybrid wedding is a fairly new concept, there are a few areas that need to be focused on. The benefits of a hybrid wedding include health and safety protocols, distanced arrangements, and food and beverage. To incorporate the ceremony, some of the most important factors are-

1. Protective equipment for the staff

2. Temperature check

3. Sanitation of all the common areas

In terms of the configuration of the roo, use the tools available online to deliver the safest possible experiences to the guests and employees. The food, beverage, and seating arrangements are some of the most important considerations.

· Marketing the packages

Since the concept of a hybrid wedding is new and social media plays a very important role in marketing the entire event, the venues can also market the available packages for the clients. Couples keep on looking for social venues to satisfy their needs and in the case of a hybrid event, it becomes tougher because one needs to imagine the technology available.

A series of blogs and posts can also be made about the offerings of the venue and the keywords which might attract the client can be used in bold in the post. The couples need to see the visual appearance of the venue, now that they are planning to hold the virtual event and the efficiency of the hybrid launch platform also needs to be measured.

The imagery should be as strong as possible including all the major parts of the venue like the banquet space, reception area, and ceremony space with the seating arrangement and all of these photos if uploaded on social media are more helpful.


To choose from among the many hybrid event live streaming services, the couples tend to look for it on Google and for the efficient running of it, the venues should consider partnering up with a vendor that can help in a better search. During the plan of a hybrid wedding, flexibility is the key factor, and investing in the technology helps to be prepared for a virtual wedding.

Every venue and host has their own set of requirements for the same and it is important to have proper communication between the two parties for a successful arrangement.

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