Popular Destinations in Staunton, Virginia

Have you ever travelled to a new location and experienced awe? It occurs in Staunton for many guests.

Despite the fact that Staunton may not be as well-known as other American cities, don’t be deceived. It is worthwhile to travel to Staunton, a little yet lovely up-and-coming tourist destination. You might be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations you can discover in this undiscovered location.

It is possible to schedule a short detour here while en route to Charlottesville. You might want to go back there one day to take a break and unwind in Staunton.

If you intend to travel to the US but are unsure whether Staunton belongs on your itinerary, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of some of the Things to do in Staunton, VA and around. If you include this city in your trip itinerary, we have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.

Visit the American Shakespeare Theater

Shakespeare’s creativity becomes tangible and alive when viewed in a live performance. Shakespeare can be challenging to read on a page, but it’s simple and enjoyable to see it performed.

Shakespeare’s comedies and tragedies are being performed masterfully in Staunton, and they are doing so in a theatre that is an exact reproduction of the original Globe. The encounter is fascinating and well worth the time.

Paying for the better seats is a fantastic idea. We had very little viewing because I didn’t know any better and chose less expensive seats with the assumption that it wouldn’t matter. Even though it was a Saturday afternoon and the theatre was largely empty, we could barely see about half of the stage and the personnel wouldn’t let us relocate either.

Drive to see the natural chimneys as a bonus

The Natural Chimneys are only a 30-minute drive from Staunton’s city centre. Augusta County owns and manages the park, and the campground is very well-liked. On the platform beneath the enormous chimneys, music festivals take place during the summer.

The seven Natural Chimneys provide viewers with an unparalleled view of magnificence, according to the Augusta County website: “The seven Natural Chimneys rise as much as 120 feet over the pastoral terrain of the Shenandoah Valley.”

And they truly are unparalleled

It’s interesting to see the amazing rock structures known as The Natural Chimneys. Although the trekking isn’t particularly noteworthy, bringing a picnic and relaxing under the towers is a wonderful experience.

Virginia’s Staunton is such a delightful, unusual surprise. Who knew that this historic, vibrant village of great food, inventive street festivals, and unique opportunities to engage with history existed in an unassuming town at the crossroads of I-64 and I-81.

Spend some time at Staunton if you have the opportunity. Visit some small stores in Downtown, eat some tacos, watch an ancient Shakespeare play, and then indulge in some gelato.

Participate in the Harry Potter Festival

Every year, usually in September, the Queen City Mischief & Magic Festival is a treat for Harry Potter devotees. Staunton actually changes as the entire town participates in the celebrations. In addition to “wizards chess” battles, there are snake and reptile exhibits, glassblowing demos, house sortings, and more. Platform 9 3/4 is created out of the train station. Actors who closely like Harry Potter characters are seen walking around the downtown area and posing for pictures. And admission is free to everything!

Check out the Frontier Culture Museum

The Frontier Culture Museum’s premise strikes one as odd at first. The goal of the Frontier Culture Museum is to raise public awareness of how a fusion of European, African, and indigenous peoples gave rise to a distinctive American folk culture. Homes and cottages from several nations and eras are scattered across broad fields in Staunton, Virginia.

But going here is a tonne of pleasure. It’s fun for kids of all ages, and if you like “farmhouse” interior design, the trip will be especially inspiring for you.

Although we were only there for a short while, the Frontier Culture Museum hosts activities all year long. There are various fun Things to do in Staunton, VA.

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