What are Pros and Cons of creating a Europass CV?

If you’re a citizen of a state that happens to be part of the European Union and are in the market for a Resume or CV you’ve probably come across the Europass CV program.

The Europass CV program was designed to provide users a free to use tool to create a basic CV. This program was initiated to provide easy and free accessibility to anyone who has a Europass Portfolio a CV topromote job seeking. In theory this sounds like a a great idea but after using the program itself we were able to figure out a few flaws with the whole program but we do realize the intention behind the endevor. This is why here is a list of Pros and Cons of using a Europass CV template.



The Europass CV maker is for all intents and creates a CV that is acceptable all over the European Union. The entire idea behind creating this program was to standardize resume maker and CV submissions all over Europe for the job and academic endeavors. This puts all job seekers on an evn playing field which we can all agree is a good thing. 

Free CV Maker

There’s no price that can match free and that’s exactly what you get from the Europass CV maker. The Europass CV Template as basic as it may be does cover all the basics that you may need in a CV i.e Work Experience, Skills Section, etc. 

Can be used by anyone

Even though the name might suggest otherwise the Europass CV template can be used by anyone and everyone whether you’re in the Europen Union or not. So, if you just want to make CV, regardless of its shortcomings, no matter where you’re from you can take advantage of the Europass CV maker after the registration process.


You have to Register

First things first. Before you even get to start work on your Europass CV you have to register and create a Europass Profile. This may seem like a small enough problem but the entire process took me way longer than expected and all the information that I though I was filling out for my CV wasn’t even relevant. Once I was done setting up my profile I was greeted by an option to start working on my CV which really felt like my initial effort was wasted and starting from scratch felt like such a chore that I had to take a break before I did. Yes, there is an option to fetch data from your profile and enter it into your Europass CV this doesn’t quite work when you’re making multiple targeted CVs.

The User interface is anything but friendly 

Even though the Europass CV Template result can be considered satisfactory the entire process of creating the CV is not. It is hard to nevigate, monotone and unfriendly for users that unless you have an exact idea of what you want to accomplish you will have a difficult time creating just one CV.

Limited Guide

There is very little to no guidance throughout the process. The program assumes its user to know everything about the CV Making process and is not very helpful in building it up. Unless you’re someone who is used to making CVs and can be considered somewhat an expert the Europass CV Template is not going to give you an optimum result.

Limited Choice of Resume Templates

Although the Europass CV program boasts customizability and multiple Europass CV Templates the truth is simply that it doesn’t. Yes, there are 4 CV Templates available but for the most part, they are not that different from one another except for a few structural changes. So, if you’re looking to make a CV that reflects the intangible aspects of your personality this is not a good option for you.

Difficulty in Editing 

Yes, you can definitely create a CV in using your Europass profile but once you’re done creating your CV you cannot edit it anymore. Sounds strange but it is in fact the way it is. The way to edit a CV is to Create a New CV import the CV in your Europass Library and then create a whole new CV if you wish to make alterations to an already existing CV. This is in my opinion is a major oversight by the developers. I mean why do I have to jump through so many hoops just to correct a spelling mistake?

Very Unappealing

There is no better way of saying this so I’m just going to say it like it is. The end product of the entire Europass CV program was “Okay” at best. The end product is definitely a CV by name and name alone. It does cover all the basic things you’d expect to see on a CV but the lack of functionality and customizability leaves the end result wanting. 


In my fair opinion, I would suggest the Euro Pass CV maker to those who are strapped for cash and are looking to make a resume that is a resume in name only. These resumes definitely do not stand out by any means and the limited customizability means that you’ll be creating, more or less, the same CV over and over again. 

The program’s ideals are in order but the execution is lacking, especially with so many other automated resume-making services already present in the market.

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