Reverse Image Search – Steps to Perform It

If you need an image material that you have but in a different category you can use reverse image search. This way you can get multiple images of similar fashion and they can differ in many ways. Some can have a different background or they may differ in color and pixel. You can get different sizes that depend on your required criteria rather than crop the image.

Reverse image search can be performed on any device like a computer, android, or IOS. You can perform an image search on multiple platforms like Bung, Baidu, Google, and Yandex on board.

Google Search

Google image search currently can not be performed on mobile or iPad only on desktops. You have to transfer the image to the desktop to search the image. Instead of wasting time why not open the reverse image search app or page to search on your android. Just upload the image and search it on the app. The app will generate the result completely related to your data.

On desktop, reverse image search can be performed by either URL or the image itself. Google will generate the related or similar result to the image.

Mobile search

For mobile, google provides an application that can do a reverse image search. Some examples can be the following

1.       Photo Sherlock (IOS /Android).

2.       Reverse Image search app (IOS).

3.       Reversee (IOS).

Google Lens

Google lens is one simple app on android phones that can be used to perform a reverse image search. It can be used on both android and IOS devices. Although it does not provide the proper result as it is not made for reverse image search.

Bing Search

It is better to know that multiple search engines perform a reverse image search. Bing is one such popular option. It has a reverse image search option named visual search for such work.

·         In the Bing search bar, the dot surrounded by corner lines will open a pop-up menu.

·         It gives you three options

o   Upload option will allow you to load more than 1 image that you can reverse search.

o   You can search by uploading a URL.

o   It also allows you to take images immediately through your webcam.

Bing Visual Search focuses on the attributes of the image before displaying the page that has similar images. It offers suggestions and can be used to remove any text on the image.

Yandex search

Yandex is another search engine that can perform a reverse image search.

·         On the Yandex homepage select the image option above the search bar.

·         On the right of the search bar an image icon must be clicked.

·         It will give you the option of either URL or image.

·         It will provide you with the result.

The primary function of Yandex is to gather information related to the image. Its size, image relation, and the text can identify from the image. After these results, it displays the sites where the image has appeared on.

Third-Party Search Engines

There are multiple sites on the internet that can be used to perform a reverse image search. Some would provide better results than others. work in a similar fashion to google. It also provides a paid function that you can use to search where the image is being used. It also has plugins in some browsers.

Reverse Image Search Tool

The above tools can help you find images for reference for design for graphics, fashion, interior decoration, or other professional work. If you are a designer, you can use the following tool to determine whether your work is being done without your permission.

Verify search tool

It can help you find where your items are being used on the internet. It is also a key resource to check similar videos for stolen content.

Pixssy Search Tool

It is free to use the online platform by those who experienced online image theft. It offers five specialized features

1.       Monitor.

2.       Resolve.

3.       Takedown.

4.       Register.

5.       Integration.


Using reverse image search can be very practical as it will make your search easier and will provide you with a different result. Each searching site has protocols that it follows to search the image related to your requirements.


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