Shoe Faire – New Trends of the Season with Aymod Shoes Fair

Aymod, which has managed to become the largest shoe faire in Europe with its 60,000 m2 area, is meeting its visitors for the 67th time this year. Many visitors are expected to attend the fair, which will be held between September 28 and October 01, 2022. The fair welcomes participants from all over the world. Many brands, both Turkish and foreign, will be represented at the fair. These many brands will introduce new designs to the visitors through the fair.

More than 450 companies will participate in the fair, which will be held for the 67th time this year. More than 1,000 brands will also be able to promote their new season products. The fair, which is in demand worldwide, is also expected to be colorful this year. New season products of many brands are introduced at the fair. Thanks to this fair, you can see the colors and designs of the new season.

New Trends of the Season with Aymod Shoes Fair

AYMOD – International Shoe Fashion Fair, one of the first to come to mind regarding shoe faire, is counting the days to meet with its visitors this year. Participation in the shoe fair is relatively high. People from all over the world will come together for the fair as a company and as visitors. The industry, which has stagnated during the pandemic, is expected to revive thanks to the fair. Aymod also publishes last year’s fair catalog on its website. Those curious can access the record via the official website of Aymod.

Shoe collections for women, men, and children will be promoted at the fair. Many groups, from classic shoes to handmade shoes, will be presented to visitors at the fair. A large part of the shoe supply in the regions close to Turkey has been realized thanks to the fair detailed on Having great importance as a shoe faire, AYMOD – International Shoe Fashion Fair also has an important place for Turkey.


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