Some Differences between MBA in UK and MBA in India

An Introduction to Management in Business Administration

An MBA is a master’s degree that one can pursue to get high employment opportunities in management fields. MBA degree is available in the India as well as many countries in the world. Most of the students are confused between MBA in the UK and MBA in UK which is best for employment. In this blog, let’s discuss some differences between MBA in UK and MBA in India. Both the MBA have some advantages and disadvantages.

All you should know about MBA in India

Entrance Exams in India for MBA

In India, CAT exam is most popular for students to choose MBA Course. Students can take degree without this exam but it is good to appear in the exams because it helps the students in choosing the right and highly reputed University or College.

Exploration with MBA in India

With MBA in India, you will get chance to develop your personality in many ways but you cannot explore the world with MBA in India. Also, if you take MBA degree from India then, you cannot pursue your career in any other country because scope of Indian education is limited in India only. Only few course allowed pursuing job around the world.

Cost of MBA in India

MBA in India is pocket-friendly and affordable degree with availability of scholarships to study for financial help. So, if you belong to a very poor family then MBA in India can be the best option for you. Cost is the major advantage of pursuing MBA in India.

MBA Courses in India

  1. MBA Finance
  2. HR Management
  3. MBA Marketing
  4. MBA Information Technology
  5. International Business MBA
  6. MBA Operations Management
  7. Marketing MBA
  8. MBA Systems Management
  9. Business Analytics MBA
  10. MBA Retail Management

All you should know about MBA in UK

The MBA award from a UK business school is one of the highest qualifications in the world and graduates are valued by entrepreneurs, both local and international, in almost every type of industry. Choosing to study for an MBA in the UK is a life-changing decision, and UK business schools and universities provide students with the logical and lateral thinking needed to succeed in your future career.

Entrance Exams in UK for MBA

In UK, GMAT exam is most popular for students to choose MBA Course. Students can take degree without this exam but it is good to appear in the exams because it helps the students in choosing the right and highly reputed University or College and also Business School.

Wide Interconnection

Many UK universities and business schools have close links with industry leaders, giving students the chance to meet big companies and corporations that you could one day work for. The schools pride themselves on working closely with many of the world’s leading professional bodies, and a UK MBA will prepare you for the demands of 21st century business.

Cost of MBA in UK

There are several of small and private Universities, especially around London, that offer cheapest MBA programs for students all around the world. Most of these colleges have university-level MBA programs and offer an affordable alternative for international students, with cost of MBA in UK starting at £7,000.

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