Sources of Fashion News

The fashion news industry is dominated by WGSN, which has been a leading source of fashion coverage for over two decades. The network covers the latest in the industry, from Anna Wintour to Kanye West, and has also been a leading source of trends. There are many other sources for fashion news, but WGSN is the most prominent.


WGSN fashion news is one of the leading trend forecasting sites in the world. Its staff travels the world to provide the latest fashion trends. Its articles offer real-time retail coverage, trend analysis, and consumer research. The site also features videos from its own series, as well as Catwalk coverage from various fashion weeks.

The brand’s forecasts are the result of months of research, analysis, and collaboration. They help companies land the next big trend and maximize sales. WGSN’s team also looks at data science to help companies understand consumer preferences and create products that reflect these tastes.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour recently went on David Letterman and talked about the fashion industry. The interviewer asked her two questions about the fashion industry and her answer was, “Fashion comes in all price ranges.” This interview was widely-circulated and it was a great way to learn more about Anna Wintour’s role in the industry.

Anna Wintour is well-known for her fashion editorials and her role as a fashion editor. She is the woman behind the sunglasses and has become a pop culture icon. She has been the subject of countless gossip columns for nearly three decades, but despite her fame, little research has been conducted on the woman behind the sunglasses.

Kanye West

Kanye West has been in the fashion business for a number of years now. He has recently opened 21 pop-up shops and is planning to stage a show during New York Fashion Week. Despite the controversy over his recent comments, West has not been shy about venturing into fashion. He has even been known to attend the Met Gala.

Kanye has come under fire for his recent remarks about racism, and for mocking the likes of David Beckham. He has been accused of sexism and anti-Semitism and has been condemned by celebrities and the Anti-Defame League. However, his criticism of the fashion industry has not stopped him from defending Trump.

J. Crew

In recent years, J.Crew has struggled to maintain its covetability, with its ever-increasing prices and more unusual designs drawing a chorus of complaints from once devoted shoppers. The company’s founder, Michael Lyons, stepped down in 2017, but has been replaced by Johanna Uurasjarvi and Chris Benz.

However, the retailer has been able to rebound after taking on a new creative director, Brendon Babenzien. His first collection for the brand could represent a fresh beginning for the company and could help restore sales momentum. Babenzien, a fashion director at Noah, co-founded the streetwear label, so he has a strong background in men’s clothing.


Gucci fashion news is constantly in flux. The brand’s creative director Alessandro Michele is attempting to reinvent the brand’s image and re-position the brand for the future. A new store design has been introduced and the brand’s packaging is getting a fresh update. The new designs will chime with the brand’s collections.

One of the most noteworthy moments during Gucci’s spring/summer 2013 show was the appearance of identical twins. The designers were inspired by a town in Ohio that holds an annual twin festival. The models were all scouted from the Twins Day Festival, where 68 sets of twins are gathered each year.


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