Startupo – How to Create a Startup That Succeeds is a word used to describe the emergence of a new business. These businesses are created for a specific purpose, often to meet a need. They are often lean and adaptive, search for product/market fit, and lack capital. Listed below are some tips to help you succeed. To create your own startup, follow these steps. And don’t forget to get media attention, because media exposure can be a great asset to your venture.


Creating a new digital product or service is a leap into the unknown. Because there’s no historical performance data or proven customer need, there’s often uncertainty about the outcome of a project. Lean startup methodology provides the framework necessary for generating that certainty, by focusing on the customer’s needs, creating specific hypotheses, and testing and feedback. Ultimately, this can lead to the success of your business.

Lean startupo advocates developing a minimum viable product, or MVP, that can be introduced to customers and tested with minimal cost and risk. By launching a minimum viable product in a short time, the founders can determine if the business is viable, and also gain valuable customer feedback. In this way, they reduce the chance of failure and focus more on developing a good product than a perfect business model. It also redefines a startup as an organization seeking a scalable business model.


Adaptive’s founders came up with the idea to use artificial intelligence to simplify the back office of construction firms. Their software allows GCs to take a picture of invoices and the software can read them with high accuracy. It can then pull out the cost code and job associated with the invoice, routing the process through the office for approval. Adaptive is based in Austin, Texas and has already secured 100 customers. However, the startup is still growing.

Adaptive’s offering targets SMBs and general contractors. Current methods to monitor spending and monitor project performance are time-consuming and error-prone and yield limited visibility into a project’s performance. They also cause disputes between parties. Several transactions require multiple approval steps, and invoices are processed through multiple systems including legacy accounting software, Excel, and emails. The startup is building a platform to simplify and streamline this process. Adaptive aims to become the “one-stop-shop” for all financial products for the construction industry.

Searching for product/market fit

Product/market fit is one of the early markers of success for any business. A business with a P-M-F will have organic growth while one without it will have to spend money on paid advertising and experience slow growth. Founders should choose a market with a real problem to solve before they launch their product. This will allow them to listen to the users and test out features before investing in paid advertising.

The process of finding product-market-fit varies from business to business. It will look different for existing products than for ideas. Regardless, it requires a deep understanding of the product and its target customers. And in order to achieve this goal, you must be flexible enough to test out various designs and develop them accordingly. To make the right decision, it is essential to understand your market, your customer, and your potential business model.

Lack of capital

A primary cause of failure for many startupos is lack of capital. Knowing how much cash you need to start your business is essential to successful financing and positive cash flow. Ultimately, failure without adequate capital is a sure path to a valuation compromise and inevitable failure. Here are some ways to alleviate this issue. Keep cash on hand to cover emergency expenses. Using credit card debt to pay down your accounts is another option.

Friends and family are a common source of startupo capital. However, this is a high-risk solution because it could result in the loss of friends and family if the business fails. However, if you’re using this method, make sure to have a contract with those lending you money, and be very clear about the repayment terms. A contract is very important if you’re ever planning to seek outside funding for your startup.


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