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This lemonade is absolutely phenomenal and it’s completely game-changing in terms of the flavour, with an almost sherbet-like flavour mixed in with the classic taste of the refreshing, crisp, tongue-tingling sweetness of a childhood classic!

AND AS A BONUS THIS WEEK, we will be revealing TWO new flavours at the end of this week so be sure to keep an eye out for them 


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What are Nic Salts?

Nic salts, also known as nicotine salts, are the same form of nicotine found in tobacco. Nic salts are made up of the natural state of nicotine once it has been blended with a liquid, creating an E-Liquid.

Compared to distilled nicotine in typical E-Liquids, the nicotine within the nic salts is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. They are the most efficient way to deliver nicotine to your body.

The Benefits of Nic Salts

Faster, greater efficient nicotine hit – Nic salts can deliver a nicotine fix in 6-7 seconds, a similar pace to cigarettes.

Technically less expensive – Although nic salts are first of all pricier, they’re a whole lot greater efficient at turning in nicotine, which may translate to less vaping.

Better shelf life – Nic salts are more chemically strong than conventional E-Liquids, they shop higher, last longer, and the pleasant of nicotine doesn’t fade.

The smoother throat hit – The addition of meals-grade benzoic acid allows the nicotine to be absorbed plenty greater efficiently for a smoother hit and on-the-spot nicotine rush. 

The Benefits of Freebase

Handles complex flavour profiles well.

Throat hit – Some ex-smokers pick the delivered impact of the throat hit.

Formulas are greater versatile – Freebase E-Liquids can be used for mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.

Direct-to-lung and sub-ohm vaping produce thick fluffy clouds.

Cheap rate tag.

Ultimately, the E-Liquid this is higher comes down to non-public choice.

If you remember your yourself more of a cloud chaser, than having a especially robust want for nicotine, then the first-rate alternative might be freebase E-Liquid. If you pick a greater diversity of flavours, alternatively, your excellent guess would be freebase.

However, if you have a better need for stronger doses of nicotine without the expense of a harsh throat hit, then you’d be higher suited to nic salts.

For more statistics approximately E-Liquids, you could browse via our weblog or ask a member of our group. We supply a huge range of vape devices and E-Liquids, so whether you need expert recommendations or fashionable vape products, you may find them here at RED Box Vape.


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