The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size and Best Practices

Many businesses use Facebook as their primary channel to connect with their target market.(followers on facebook)Your Facebook page’s appearance can significantly affect how seriously people take your business. It takes only a few seconds for users to make a first impression of your company and page. These few moments can make or break your business. Click Here

They will decide whether someone will purchase something in many situations. We will share some easy tips to help you create the perfect Facebook cover photo.


  1. Sizes of Facebook cover photos
  2. How to use a Facebook cover picture
  3. Common mistakes

To portray the best image of your business online, you must have the correct Facebook cover photo size. It functions as a storefront, displaying what you sell to interested customers and inviting them to learn more. Some parts of the content might be cut if the image is too large. Your print will appear stretched and pixelated if it is too small.

Facebook Cover Photo Sizes

  • Facebook offers simple yet helpful guidelines for users who wish to add cover images to their pages. These are the most important tips:
  • Displays of 820 pixels width by 312 pixels high on your computer page and 640 pixels wide x 360 pixels high on smartphones.
  • Minimum 400 pixels in width and minimum 150 pixels in height
  • The sRGB JPG files that are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high, and less than 100kb, load the fastest.
  • Images with text or logos might look best in a PNG format.
  • Facebook Business Page dimensions can be used similarly to personal accounts.

Facebook will crop your cover photo’s top and bottom on a desktop device and on a mobile device’s left and right sides. All text and graphics must remain within the “perfect zone” (shown below).

You can use the Facebook cover photo size of 820 pixels by 360 pixels to see exactly how your cover photo will look on both devices. This will ensure that your cover photo is not cut on desktops or mobile devices.

Note : how to get followers on facebook business page

How to Use a Facebook Cover Image

  • Attract the attention of your audience

There are many approaches to social media, especially when it comes to the Facebook cover picture. Some people believe combining the cover photo and profile picture into one cohesive image is best. Others prefer to spread their imagery to help potential customers focus on the right areas. You may find both when your profile photo blends seamlessly with your cover photo and uses the same design elements as the colors. This draws attention to the relevant aspects of the page.

When trying to get attention from your audience, avoid using directional cues such as lines and arrows. Not only does it look too aggressive, but buttons and CTAs will be displayed differently on mobile devices than on desktops. Mobile devices could have an arrow that isn’t pointed anywhere.Read more

  • Inform people about brand news and highlights

The Facebook header is ideal for highlighting important updates and promoting the latest events. Do not try to overwhelm your followers with too much information. Instead, create a compelling image that is high-quality and stands out.

  • Display your brand’s personality

The right cover photo for Facebook can help you engage your audience and grab their attention before they even read your posts. Make sure your cover photo represents your brand. This will let your customers know they are on the right page. It also ensures you have a consistent online image.

  • Lead generation or sales

A cover photo to drive sales leads or leads can be combined with a relevant CTA to get more results. It is crucial to use high-quality pictures that are attractive and can grab people’s attention. Social media marketing is about “marketing,” so promote your business and consider your customers’ joy and comfort.

  • User-generated content is featured.

Brands can leverage user-generated content as one of their most powerful marketing tools. It can also be high quality, entertaining, informative, and fun. This type of content can make a big difference in building loyalty. You will also spend no resources on the creation of this cover photo. This is where you can have your fans covered.

  • Demonstrate product features & benefits

You can easily stand out from your competitors by showing benefits to brands. Why limit yourself to posting or blogging about brand benefits when you can put it on your cover photo?

Common Mistakes

  • Too much text

Avoid using too much text in your cover photo. Even if the quote seems fantastic, this is not a wise move. It’s better to use a high-quality image that speaks for itself.

  • Too much clutter

These pictures are fille with text, colors, and other elements. If you stare at them too long, you will get headaches. It’s almost like the brand wants you to focus on all things simultaneously. Even though it attracts people’s attention, it looks awful and sloppy.

  • No Branding

Even if the photo is of excellent quality, it should convey the brand’s message. However, including branding elements such as a logo, slogan, or brand pattern or color is a good idea.

  • Similar cover photo sizes

Facebook header images can vary in size across Facebook events or Facebook groups. You can optimize your pages using the correct dimensions, or you will lose people’s attention. Facebook’s formatting is subject to change quite often.

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