Things about Anilino-Methyl-Trimethoxysilane

Anilino-methyl-trimethoxysilane is a Colorless Transparent Liquid with CAS No. 77855-73-3. Synonyms include (Anilinomethyl)trimethoxysilane, PC1711, and phenylaminomethyl-trimethoxysilane. It is best stored at a cool and shady warehouse.

SiSiB(r) PC1711

The SiSiB(r) PC1711. This novel alfa silane is hydrolyzed in water, is soluble in most organic solvents, and can be used as a surface modifier for fillers. The MT resins, which are derived from phenylsilsesquioxane, have a broad range of applications, including crosslinking, surface modification, and abrasive materials.


Anilino-methyl-trime-thoxysilane (AMTS) is a novel alfa silane. It is an important binder in adhesives due to its silicon content, and is also used in coatings as an adhesion promoter. For its applications in coatings, AMTS is used in several chemical processes. Here are some of the main sources of this chemical.

Autech Industry Co., Ltd. is a supplier of Anilino-methyl-triethoxysilane and CAS:17865-07-5. Autech is a scientific and technological development enterprise in China that integrates R&D and production. Its product range includes organic auxiliaries like Anilino-methyl-triethoxysilane. Its production facility is well-equipped with the latest production equipment.

Anilino-methyl-trime-silane is a synthetic compound with a molecular formula of RO3Si-CH2-Y. The -CH2 group on silane (II) is bonded directly to the atoms of Si. This moiety is a key component in many products and is widely used. Further, it is also used in the manufacture of synthetic dyes.


Anilino-methyl-trimethicone (AMTS) is a colorless, transparent chemical that has been used as a surface modifier in a variety of industries. The compound is also known by other names, including (Phenylamino)-silane and aluminum hydroxide. This chemical is used in a variety of applications, including coatings, pigments, and fillers.

Anilino-methyl-trimethicone is an alkyl silane commonly used as a crosslinking agent in silicone rubbers. It is also a constituent of silica gels. In addition to its applications in silicone rubbers, methyl-trimethoxysilane is also used in coating polymers. Its other uses include sanitary and construction materials.

Anilino-methyl-trimethicone can be produced by using organosilicon compounds, such as silicon tetrachloride, and can also be obtained by adding water to the mixture. The proportion of organic solvents in this mixture is usually 30 to 85%, with 40 to 70% water. Water is usually added at a rate of one to ten percent or three to seven percent.

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