Things you should know about handling liquid Nitrogen.

Suppose you require liquid Nitrogen for your business or any other purpose. In that case, it is important to develop an understanding of the properties of the chemical and its usage. Nitrogen falls under the category of cryogenics, chemicals that have very low temperatures. It has a liquid-to-gas ratio of 1:694; it also has the capacity to expand into large volumes of gas. It is used in various industries, and storing bulk quantities is economical and essential.

This chemical is a colourless and non-toxic chemical that has no fragrance at all. Moreover, it is also not flammable and lighter than air. However, that doesn’t mean it is safe to use in any condition, as bulk nitrogen can cause many hazardous situations. 

Hazards caused by Nitrogen

Extreme cold

Nitrogen is a type of cryogenic which makes it a cold chemical. So, if your skin comes in contact with it, it can cause major cold burns and frostbite. So, you must ensure that it never comes in contact with your skin, eyes, etc. 


The major risk with Nitrogen is that it doesn’t have any warning signs if it spreads somewhere. So, in most cases, people only get to know about it after the asphyxiation starts. When Nitrogen is in vapourised form, it is not visible to the eyes and doesn’t have any odour or colour. Hence, it is important to have ventilation measures in the room to ventilate the Nitrogen if it starts leaking. 

Oxygen enrichment

Many people don’t know oxygen can create fire hazards if it surrounds a cryogen containment system. Because oxygen’s boiling point is higher than Nitrogen’s, it evaporates a little slower, which can lead to the build-up of flammability in the surroundings. So, when you store Nitrogen, ensure there are no flammable materials around so that even if oxygen gathers around the cryogen, it doesn’t lead to a fire hazard situation. 


If you are storing a cryogen without proper ventilation or pressure devices, it can lead to explosions because of pressure build-up. So, it is essential to store it in a container with pressure control systems and vent lids to lower the pressure to prevent explosion risks. 

How to handle Nitrogen?


When you are working with liquid Nitrogen, ventilation is one of the most important factors that you must take care of; otherwise, it can lead to hazardous situations. 

Prevent boiling 

Whenever you put something in a cryogenic liquid, it can lead to slashing or boiling. So, to avoid these reactions, you must either use tongs or slowly handle the liquid. 

Check containers

It is essential to check the impact resistance of the container you want to store Nitrogen in. It must withstand low-temperature chemicals; otherwise, it can become brittle or break easily. 

Protection Equipment

Eye protection

When working with a cryogen like Nitrogen, you must wear proper eye protection glasses. These glasses should be chemical splash resistant so that if there is a risk of Nitrogen coming in contact with your eyes, the goggles will protect your eyes from injuries. 

Skin protection

When working with Nitrogen, people should wear thermally insulated clothes and leather gloves along with proper safety shoes. These layers will prevent Nitrogen from causing any bodily injuries. 

These points list all the essential information about liquid Nitrogen. So, if you work in any place where you have bulk nitrogen, then you must have a good understanding of the potential hazards and handling details. You can refer to these points and keep yourself safe from any problem. 


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