Tips To Find Free Interior Design Courses

If you’re interested in interior design, there are several free courses you can find online. While these courses aren’t a complete education, they offer a chance to learn new skills and get a feel for the field. This can help you map out your future career path, and they’re also fun to take.

Online interior design courses

If you are looking to start your career in interior design, you may want to take online courses. You can find a wide variety of free courses on Udemy. This online educational platform provides courses on interior design, architecture, and other areas of study. The courses include hands-on exercises, tutorials, and tips.

You can also check out Skillshare for free interior design classes. The courses are self-paced and cover everything from how to create a centrepiece to how to balance a color palette. Many of the courses have a hands-on component, with students completing projects and submitting updated versions. Some of them also provide personalized feedback and certification after you finish your course.

Open online courses

The Oxford Home Study Centre offers a free 20-hour introductory course in interior design that is open to anyone interested in pursuing a career in interior design. Other programs are available for a reasonable price. There are also a number of accredited courses available for those who are more interested in pursuing a degree in interior design.

There are also several courses available on Udemy, a popular online learning platform. These courses include a variety of topics in interior design and include hands-on exercises and tutorials.


A great place to find free interior design courses is Udemy. This platform offers a wide variety of design courses that range from basic to advanced. The courses are comprised of quality lectures and downloadable resources. Students are given lifetime access to the courses. This platform allows students and professionals to improve their skills.

Free courses are not meant to replace a formal education, but they can help you learn a lot of useful skills. For example, they can help you start a new career by introducing you to the world of interior design. These courses can also be fun and entertaining, and can help you chart a course for your future.

British College of Interior Design

The Professional Interior Design Course at the British College of Interior Design is an online program that provides students with the professional skills they need to launch their careers as interior designers. The course offers twelve and twenty-four week options and includes modules on marketing, pricing, and business practices. Additionally, students learn how to use AutoCAD, a vital design tool. The course includes twelve tutorials and eight assignments.

This online program offers a full-time diploma in interior design. Students can complete the course in a year and receive a diploma from the British College of Interior Design. Students are taught by experienced interior designers who provide guidance and support during the course. Coursework is structured, requiring 270 hours of study and twelve units.

Home Design Institute

If you want to learn interior design basics but don’t have the money to spend on a college course, there are several free online courses available for beginners. These courses can help you learn about the different types of rooms, as well as colors and furniture pieces. You can also take advantage of courses offered by renowned interior designers. These courses are short and can be completed in two to five hours. However, it is important to remember that these courses do not teach you how to apply the design principles that you learn.

While free interior design courses may not give you a complete education, they do provide valuable experience and knowledge that can be helpful in your future career. These courses can also be a fun way to learn about a new field.


If you’re interested in interior design, you can take a free online course to learn the basics. Courses can range from six to ten hours in length and cover topics like project planning, color theory, surfaces, and textiles. They also teach the importance of accessorizing and how to find furniture and other decor items.

Some of the top universities offer free online courses. MIT, for example, offers an OpenCourseWare course on design principles. You can also take courses from Udemy, an educational platform geared toward interior design. Udemy offers a wide variety of topics, including hands-on exercises, tips, and tutorials.


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