Esco Bars Disposable Vape: Everything You Need To Know

Esco Bars, one of the market’s most innovative vapes at the moment, can produce more than 2500 puffs. They include a massive 1000mAh battery and a 6mL e-liquid capacity, making them ideal for full-power vaping. Esco Bar Pastel Cartel disposable is the solution if you want to experience a combination of all these outstanding qualities in one vape. Go on reading!


Texas-based Pastel Cartel created the Esco Bars, an A-list disposable vaporizer. They provide you the benefit of easy handling because they are constructed with a sturdy structure employing top-notch materials. They are comfortable in your hand’s palm because of their cylindrical form and curved design, which also guards against the unintentional spilling of your priceless pastel cartel ESCO Bars.

Esco Bars are distinctive in their own right, even if their design is identical to that of most conventional disposable vapes. You may carry the *one* about with you wherever you go in your pocket or handbag because they are so tiny and light.

These gadgets are ergonomically designed with a safe space for 1100mAh built-in batteries, providing them with a day’s worth of power (depending on the frequency of use). Additionally, they offer 50mg of salt nicotine, ensuring that you may enjoy multiple vaping sessions while satisfying your palate. These characteristics make Esco Vape Bars strong enough to provide up to 2500 puffs each unit. And, as the name implies, you may select a new piece for a revitalizing experience after discarding the one you’ve used.

The main issue with these vaping products is that consumers cannot swap out the atomizer heads. Even so, they provide comparable performance and customer satisfaction to refillable devices. Bonus benefit: Esco Bar mesh vape is more affordable over time, making it an excellent option for people who want to improve their vaping experience without breaking the bank.

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The mesh coil design of Esco Bars vapes, which improves the taste experience, has helped them gain more flavor popularity. Additionally, their mixologists’ attempts to achieve the ideal taste balance make them valuable.

To put it plainly, Esco vapes taste great and come in various flavors. Here is a list of the top Esco Bar flavors you must try in 2022 to help narrow down your choices.

  • Iced bananas

We define Banana Ice, our most favored taste, as sweet, luscious bananas combined with an ice-cool finish.

It is a terrific choice for warm summer nights because it provides triple the fun:

  • The smoothness of fresh bananas
  • The freshness of menthol
  • A refreshing splash of ice

Get yourself *one* and enjoy the sweltering heat while feeling like a snowman.

  • Blue Raspberries

This delicious Esco Bar’s Blue Raspberry flavor is ideal if you have a sweet craving. It instantly relieves your discomfort from the heat while also pleasing your palate.

Blue Raspberry will give your lungs a slight freshness with each puff. Additionally, the delicious ice cream flavor will increase your desire for it.

This Esco Bar taste may be vaped continuously without becoming old.

  • Candy Corn

Do you wish to be transported back to your childhood? If so, Cotton Candy is your best bet! It’s a delicious twist on traditional carnival sweets.

It will excite your senses like never before when you devour it. Your mouth will start to wet due to its mouthwateringly robust but sweet cotton candy taste that frosty undertones have softened.

  • Ice Strawberry

Sweet, luscious strawberries combined with a cooling menthol combination will satisfy your sugar cravings. That’s correct; Esco’s Strawberry Ice is the perfect blend of sweet and energizing smack, making it ideal for vaping all day.

You may enjoy it in the summer or during endless sunsets to revitalize your insides and outsides.


People love esco bars mesh 2500 vapes because of their innovative nature.

Since the built-in battery may only be used once, the Esco Bar disposable’s initial model is not rechargeable. Don’t try to open them or recharge them because doing so might lead to harmful risks.

On the other hand, you can just put a USB-C cable into the bottom of the most recent Mega Esco Bar to recharge it.


Undoubtedly, “Esco Bars Pastel Cartels” is the market’s most inventive vape brand. You now have every incentive to spend your money on “the one,” so look no farther than Flawless Vape Shop. One of the top vape stores, we are dedicated to providing superior Esco Bars online at discount rates. Our ultimate objective is to raise your vaping bar to a new level of excellence without having you worry about becoming bankrupt.

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