Turkish Citizenship – How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Melares Company is a well-established company that provides project sales and marketing services. Its broad portfolio and expert consultants support those who want to invest in real estate in Turkey. Professional company lawyers, who are fully equipped, provide meticulous service to complete all your transactions that require official procedures, such as Turkish citizenship, in cooperation. Lawyers who have a good command of citizenship and legislation do not allow you to deal with complex and troublesome official procedures by completing official citizenship procedures in return for your power of attorney. The citizenship process, which includes divergent functions, is a process that must be completed entirely and without errors. The official process must be detailed; all necessary official application documents must be filled in completely and without errors and submitted to the relevant units. You can quickly complete this process with the support of company lawyers who are real estate and Turkish law experts.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship is officially provided in five ways. Terms and process details are different.

  • By purchasing real estate worth at least $400,000 through investment, immediately
  • When the five-year work permit is completed
  • Persons born in Turkey, immediately
  • Through marriage with a Turkish citizen,
  • After five years with the purchase of at least $75,000 worth of real estate in Turkey

For those who want to have the right to citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey, Melares is with you in all processes with the support of a lawyer. Official procedures are completed rapidly in 3-4 months with the follow-up of Melares lawyers. Company lawyers, experts in citizenship, continue to assist you in all matters as your legal advisor in Turkey. Turkish citizenship, TR identity, land registry transactions, and all kinds of real estate work are completed quickly and safely under the guarantee of Melares from https://www.melares.com/en/turkish-citizenship-by-investment.


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