UV Absorber UV-571

INNO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS is UV Absorber UV-571 (cas 125304 04 3) manufacturer and Light Stabilizer UV-571 supplier in China, equivalent product is tinuvin 571,contact us for more information.

The polyurethane UV absorber is available in many forms and is very effective in blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays. Its broad spectrum of absorption includes 270-340 nm. It is commonly used in fabrics, foams, and thermoplastic elastomers. It is non-volatile even at high processing temperatures. It is also an excellent stabilizer for polypropylene and is an effective antioxidant.

UV-571 is a yellow, transparent, viscous liquid that gives thermoplastic PUR coatings and overall foam high light stability of Tinuvin 1130. It can also be dissolved in a wide range of solvents and emulsified in a water-based adhesive. Its compatibility with different polymers and elastomers makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. UV-571 is also a highly effective UV absorber and protects materials from damaging UV rays.

UV Absorber UV-571 is a widely used liquid ultraviolet light absorber. It belongs to the class of hydroxyphenyl benzotriazole compounds and imparts good light stability to polymers. It is also used in labeling, furniture, and transportation applications. This product is a part of the Efka formulation additives line, which also includes dispersing agents, defoamers, wetting and leveling agents, and rheology agents.


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